…I guess I’m happy where I am.

Mexico was tough. Not really in any sense that We couldn’t do it, just that it wore all of us down quickly. We were doing hard, physical labor, and it felt good to sleep after the jobs got done. But sleep was often delayed by the loving children at the orphanage. These children have been through so much, our lives here in the US, even for the worst off of us, looks like luxury to them. There are entire families of children that were abandoned, girls who were abused horrendously, and little boys whose parents could not support them and the rest of the family. But they love. A lot. It doesn’t matter what their story is, they absolutely love you. It’s an amazing feeling.

I stuck to one project all week essentially. I demolished a shower room. Since Mexican building code is practically nonexistent it was time consuming. But I did get to work with a rotary hammer all week.

Early on in the week I had this revelation of sorts. I really feel called into the mission field. It may come as a suprise to many of you, but I’ve kinda always felt it would come to that in the end. It makes since. I am going into construction, which I can make a decent living with, and Jill is going into nursing, which is universally needed. It would make it easy to work wherever called. I want to say that I am called to Reynosa, but I think that I will end up somewhere else. It doesn’t matter to me where, I know I will adapt to whatever the location is.

Coming back from Mexico was kinda strange. I went from laborious days to lazy nights with TV, ice cream and Jill. Not bad. I truthfully would rather be getting eaten by mosquitos in Mexico as I prepared mortar for a wall or something usefull, but it is fine here. A bit boring, but relaxing with Jill is much better than veging on the couch alone.
And I cut my hair off today. You will see.

Finally, a message. If he reads it. I have a friend, a genuine friend, and he is throwing his life away. He had everything he needed, but he just didn’t have enough spontenaety or rebellion or something in his life. He failed classes, started many bad habits, and started decieving family and friends. He may leave us, and it may be for the better for him. To him, should he read this, I wish him well, and hope that he knows we still love and care for him. But I stand firm when I say that he needs to change. Realize you are not in a game and there are not always second chances. The choices you make will affect you. Please, get back on track. It hurts us all to see you go astray. And while you may not think tht you have veered too far off course, maybe it’s time you checked out whats going on around you and see where you really are. In all sincere care…

Later, Friend…