Riding Around In My Automobile…

August 21, 2005

I like the Doornbos family. It’s too bad I don’t get to see them much though. Not nearly as much as Jill sees us. Anyway, Jill’s dad offered me one of their mopeds for 2 bucks. I accepted and am the proud new owner of a 1982 Honda Urban Express. Jill’s dad and I have never really been close; always a strange akwardness there, but it seems to be fading a little bit since he (probably) realizes Jill and I are in it for the long haul (realizing after a year of being separated by distance but not splitting up). I think it makes him feel like Jill has a protector or comfort or something that won’t leave her, and I am.

I pulled into town yesterday at about 5pm. Fun stuff. Went through Chicago traffic (8 lanes merge into two in a span of 1/16 mile, etc) and Michigan traffic (everyone stops and stares at construction/accidents and consequently causes more accidents) all by myself. Went to a destruction derby with Jill and Andrew (more fun than I expected) and met up with Matt and Ryan at Coffee Chaos where Brett was just finishing his set. Had a Camel, and remembered why I stick to pipes and only on occasion. Jill left and the rest of us went off to the Tridge.

Midland spends all this money on putting in decorative brick pavers in the middle of the street but they dont put proper lighting in parks downtown. Something is wrong there. Naperville 1, Midland 0.

We’re sitting in the middle of the Tridge smoking and talking about stuff. Nothing specific really. A couple of crazy guys bike by. One stops and looks at us and smells the smoke; “That isn’t my kind, is it?”
Naperville 1, Midland 1.

In church today I wrote down a list of all the old hymns I love. I had to do it here because our hymnals at NBC (Naperville Baptist Church) are “Modern.” Some selected favorites (the full list is long)
‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
Victory In Jesus
Power In The Blood
Nothing But The Blood
Soon and Very Soon

Naperville 1, Midland 1, Good Hymns 99

Later, Friend


One Response to “Riding Around In My Automobile…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I hope you will be able to spend more time with my family too. It’s a reason why i wish you could have thanksgiving with us this year. We uaually have the thanksgiving meal at my aunt and uncles house on my mom’s side of the family, that would be amy and aarons mom and dad. They live like 15 minutes away from my grandmas house in grand rapids.

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