September 29, 2005

I am really ticked off and I’m spreading it. I’m sorry Jill.

I failed my accounting exam. 54%. The class average was 63% and median for 62%. That sucks.
Jill isn’t coming up next weekend. That sucks.
I have a building systems exam I have to take tomorrow or Monday. And I have to do a project in the class due next Thursday. That kinda sucks.
I lost a really important ring. Not “that” important, but to me it nearly is. That sucks.
I am running short on money for the semester. That sucks.

I’m sorry to people. In general. Something is going to break, and I think it’s gonna be the door…

Kickin so far

September 25, 2005

Man, if I were in the right mind to explain how cool college has been so far this year.

Not that I’m drunk, because I am not, but because I am freakin tired. Let’s start with yesterday. Homecoming Friday for us up here. So we all hang out and play Warioware on the Gamecube, and then KWay, Courtney and I all head out to The Breaker (beach out about 15 miles away on Lake Superior) to meet with Nasty Nate and some folks for a fire. We burned an entire tree. It was nice. Glorious, splendid, but not the best fire by a long shot.

Then we went to McDonalds and got some food as we headed to our old RA’s house in Hancock. We got there and it was pretty sweet. There were a good 20 people there and all of them were dancing and stuff. Hung out, signed the bar and left our mark. Courtney got tired, so we left at around 2:30am.
Then today was the actual homecoming football game. We won in a pretty spectacular game. Not high scoring, but the plays were all really awesome (can’t say that about the refs though). At the end of the national anthem there was an Airforce flyover, which was sweet. If anyone wants the video I have it and can send it out. The pep band had some tricks up their sleeve too…

Yes that is fire bellowing out of his horn. He rigged up a system to turn it into a really cool, playable flamethrower.

Tonight we all were really bored. I was even studying for a while. So we all decided to get pizzas and bring them back and watch a movie. We left, and then we realized that Lil Ceasars was closing, so we went to Econofoods and got some boxed pizzas for some people back in the dorms and some soda. Then we (Bakke, me, Kway, Solo, Evan) went to the drive through at McDonalds to order some food. This was our order:

10 Double Cheeseburgers
1 Mc Chicken
1 McValue Fries
20 Chicken McNuggets
And a couple of waters…..5

Both the people in the Bakkemobile Van and the drivethru guy were pretty snickery about it. It took Bakke a good 30 seconds to a minute to recompose himself after the 10 Double McStonersDelight Cheeseburgers.

“He’s not drunk, he’s Korean.”

This is Courtney.

This bar has our hall plaque from last year on it, and is made of wood from lofts in the hall from last year. Why? Because it’s our old RAs’ bar (Both fifth and fourth floor RA’s live together, and invited everyone from the old halls to a party last night) And yes, KWay was the bartender for a while.

I really need sleep because I really need to do work tomorrow. Love to you all.

Sleep? Sure, no…

September 21, 2005

I will tell you some things, but not much. You want alot, go read Bakke’s blog for tonight.

I did some nice things for people. They don’t know it yet, but they will later on. Also, I’ve done some stupid things. I know it. It’s why today = homework.

Let me lay out my typical Thursday
6:55am- Kinda wake up, shower, and check email.
8:00am- Building Systems class. Sometimes I go, sometimes I fall asleep in the chairs. I understand this stuff.
9:30am- Accounting. Sometimes I go, sometimes I’m still in the chairs. Really, I need to go, so I try my hardest to go. Sometimes I check the schedule and take the time to stay at home to study. My first exam in it is next Tuesday, and so I need to learn what I am doing.
11:00am- Get back from class, if I went. Debate doing homework for an hour until people come back and want to go to lunch. So no homework for that hour.
Noon-3:00pm- Do some homework, browse the net.
3:00-3:30pm- Pre-Philosophy philosophical debate with myself. Is it better to go to institutionalized instruction on philosophy, or stay back and learn about my philosophy in my own ways. The answer is almost always the former.
5:00pm- Get out of class, eat. Grab my mail, which consists of spam catalogs I’ve ordered. Hundreds of them. At least one a day.
6ish on- Homework? Maybe. Gaming? Sometimes. Lounging around? Yeah.

It sounds like I am a lazy jerk, but really I don’t skip class that much. The only times are when I know I can’t sit through class because of sickness, extreme soreness (after sleeping on the chairs), or terrible drowsiness.

I did some things this week I’ve been needing to do, namely talking to the missions board and getting some information.

Pictures are good. Sharing them is better. Go Flickr!


September 18, 2005


September 16, 2005

Quick Update

September 14, 2005

Today I slept through class because my back hurt so much from sleeping in the chair. Should be good enough tomorrow to go workout in the weight room. Played football for an hour and a half and just got in.

I’ve been watching clips of this new movie that just came out in Japan; Final Fantasy Advent Children. I have the entire thing on my computer thanks to the magic of some hacker named “Bien.” He got a copy from a wharehouse or something and ripped it and put it online, so everyone else in the hall had it downloaded. Trust me, this thing is cool. Top of the top in CGI.

Rearranged the room today, seeing as I had nothing better to do. Ill put up pictures shortly.

Listen to the soundtrack from Undergrads! Just download the songs individually. They rock.

Graphics will come shortly as well…………


September 11, 2005

The call goes out now. Who will come and brave the harsh UP Winter to join us in Winter Carnival festivities?

We have two beds, and floor space for five people (probably more if you aren’t worried about comfort).

Send me or Bakke an email if you want to come. The best part of the Carnival is the allnighter, which happens on Wednesday, February 8, 2006.

Why come?

Here’s why:


And This
There’s More
And More
And On And On

There’s definitely more. Like hockey, and chili, and the northern lights, and so many cool things.



1. the camera must have adjustable parameters for the shutter speed and aperture Size (F-Stop)

2. Set the aperture to the lowest number (widest aperture)

3. Set the shutter speed to 12-15 seconds

4. Use iso400 film (many digital cameras have an option to set the film speed)

5. Set the camera on a tripod and point at the aurora

6. Take the picture

7. repeat, adjusting the parameters as necessary

Verse 1
I’m in the sky tonight
There I can keep by your side
Watching the wide world riot
And hiding out
I’ll be coming home next year

Into the sun we climb
Climbing our wings will burn white
Everyone strapped in tight
We’ll ride it out
I’ll be coming home next year

Come on, get on, get on
Take it till life runs out
No-one can find us now
Living with our heads underground

Verse 2
Into the night we shine
Lighting the way we glide by
Catch me if I get too high
When I come down
I’ll be coming home next year

I’m in the sky tonight
There I can keep by your side
Watching the whole world wind
Around and round
I’ll be coming home next year

Come on, get on, get on
Take it till I fall down
No one can find us now
Living with our heads underground

I’ll be coming home next year
I’ll be coming home next year
Everything’s all right up here
When I come down
I’ll be coming home next year

Say goodbye
Say goodbye
Say goodbye
Say goodbye


I’ll be coming home next year (fade out)


September 10, 2005

Stupid waking up at 4…