Quick Update

September 14, 2005

Today I slept through class because my back hurt so much from sleeping in the chair. Should be good enough tomorrow to go workout in the weight room. Played football for an hour and a half and just got in.

I’ve been watching clips of this new movie that just came out in Japan; Final Fantasy Advent Children. I have the entire thing on my computer thanks to the magic of some hacker named “Bien.” He got a copy from a wharehouse or something and ripped it and put it online, so everyone else in the hall had it downloaded. Trust me, this thing is cool. Top of the top in CGI.

Rearranged the room today, seeing as I had nothing better to do. Ill put up pictures shortly.

Listen to the soundtrack from Undergrads! Just download the songs individually. They rock.

Graphics will come shortly as well…………


3 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Bakke Says:

    Tell the truth, you rearranged the room because the Jones cap told you to.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    haha, i like andrew’s comment =P

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