The Fools We Are As Men

October 2, 2005

So I found something I have to do. And I have to do it soon. Ish. I will make my own rootbeer and it will be good.

Man, Lost in Translation makes me happy. It just reminds me of so many things. Romeo y Julietas, Frank Sinatra, thunderstorms, and a cup of coffee and a cup of mint tea. And Jill. It’s rated R because of a single scene where Bill Murray is tricked into meeting some friends in a Japanese strip club, but dont let that stop you from watching it. Just skip that scene.

Also, Katamari Damacy is something you ALL should play sometime. Little Bakke will back me up on this. Speaking of whom, she’s coming up this weekend. Which means we WILL play it. And we WILL beat it again. And we will feel happy as we feel the cosmos.

Today I did alot of studying for Building Systems. I should do reasonably wel lon my exam tomorrow. Basically, its a lot of little things I have to remember, like how to vent a drain system so the pipes dont implode, then explode in a watery chaos.

I haven’t really absorbed Ryan Adams’ new album, Jacksonville City Nights. I don’t mind it, but nothing truly stands out to me yet. It’s getting mixed reviews, and some say that Ryan Adams changes his style too much, but it’s all a bunch of lies. Plus, Norah Jones has a part in the CD, which is pretty nice. I reccomend it for fans of real country, and die hard fans of RA, but I doubt most people will like this CD when comparing to other albums.

Oh yeah, if you are ever bored and want to be productive, check out the projects at Hack A Day. It’s all sorts of cool things ranging from a DIY rocket altimeter to a Gauss pistol. I love it.

If you didn’t click on any of the above links, you’re a jerk….

Not really.