Rapid Fire posting

October 10, 2005

blue dragon
Blue Dragon. You have the spirit of a Blue Dragon,
you are in simple words unsure. You know you
can do things, but do not apply yourself. You
often hang out with friends, or other people,
but go along with whatever they do. You don’t
like to interfere, you fear your abilities. You
feel alone, but feel it’s better that way.You
at times feel at war within yourself, you see
your problem, but feel surround by your own
layers to do anything about it. You are very
loyal to your friends, most of them you have
never met (internet friends, games, etc.) And
have a love for art, helps you through tough
timesm and lets you express yourself, where
words fail

What Dragon Spirit Resides in You?
brought to you by Quizilla


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