Sometimes things just change

October 25, 2005

I have been trying to find out who this one girl on campus is. She looks and carries herself very similarly to both Jill and Chellie Lee, so obviously I want to find out who she is. I guess some people in my hall know her, but only slightly.

I’m also a little bit saddened from various things, the most prevalent being that there are people who I am making an effort to talk to and remain involved with them, but they simply dont respond to any of my communications anymore. I know some of them are busy, but they could at least tell me that or something instead of remaining silent.

Rosa Parks died, by the way. Just in case you didn’t hear the news…

I have been trying out this new browser called Flock. I use it alot, mainly for blogging. It is in a developers release, so there are plenty of bugs that need to be fixed, and features to be implemented. However, the things it does are very cool.

Integrated blog editor (best one I have ever used) which includes a Technorati pinger and easily adds Technorati tags.

Online favorites through Del.Icio.Us means that you will be able to access your favorites anywhere

Flickr topbar means that I can drag and drop my photos into my posts easily. Like this:

    Flickr Photo
    There is also this thing called a “Shelf.” You can drag all sorts of stuff from any site you go to to the Shelf and store it for easy access later, complete with links and all. This makes blogging and research projects a snap.
    It all is so good so far. In fact, I posted this using Flock. You just have to wait for a good stable build intended for the general public. I’ll keep you informed.

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2 Responses to “Sometimes things just change”

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  2. danakin Says:

    Well, maybe someday.
    (How do they get around it all?)

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