Christmas all Around

November 27, 2005

Well, I’ll get into the week later on, but for now, this is what you should know:

Thanks to Bakke and Jill. Hooray friends! (And yes, they did get presents as well.)

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November 27, 2005

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November 27, 2005

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Are you Compatible?

November 21, 2005

I find this very interesting.

Up to the Bittersweet End

November 18, 2005

I have got to say, I love the Flock community. So many creative artists and designers, not to mention the awesome developers. I have a blog I am running right now for Flock. I mentioned it earlier but had to change the URL, so here is the fixed link ( I believe I fixed the old link, but repetition is good for the soul).

I am actually using Flock to post this. Typically I use Firefox, but lately for me and Lew Firefox has been extremely buggy. It will just completely crash. It just closes for no reason. I wouldn’t be suprised if some scriptkiddie on the network had some lil app he wrote up to do this, because I am hearing the same complaint all over Michigan Tech, but nowhere else.

So Flock has now become more stable than Firefox for me and Lew. Which is nice. I still do not like the current implementation of favorites as I find that the common user would be confused on how to set up and use them, but I am sure that all this will be flushed out. Also, Flock allows me to add Technorati tages right from the blog editor. Great feature.
Enough about Flock for now. I’m coming home. It is 4:30 am and I am happy. I’ve been playing SimCity on the SNES in Lew and Solo‘s room for well over 5 hours. Man that brings me to a place I haven’t seen in years. Lake Jackson, Texas. I used to play it all the time with my buddy Jeff Ivy.
Jill and I are going to go to Frankenmuth on Saturday or Sunday to visit Bronners. It used to be a family tradition to visit Bronners every winter and pick up a Christmas ornament for everyone in the family. I am going to suprise my family this year by bringing back one that Jill and I picked out.
Also, there is the possibility of Solo breaking out his race car on Saturday to test at Tri-City. If that is the case, there will definitely be pictures. I really need to set up some website for him sometime. He may not win races, but man do we pull for him.

My schedule for this upcoming week is kinda harsh. I will be in Midland until Monday. I’ll be getting on the early train to Chicago from Flint Monday morning and will spend the rest of the week between Naperville and Ohio. Me and Bakke will rise up out of the Buckeye state either Friday or Saturday, and we will head back up to MTU on Sunday. Catch us if you can. We have our cell phones, you may have our phone numbers. Call Jill if you don’t, she has them.

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November 17, 2005

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It’s snowing here. How about there?


November 16, 2005

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