As I Predicted

November 9, 2005

Not one day after a child killed one and seriously injured others is Jack Thompson dancing on the grave preaching that GTA is the cause. I called it yesterday. Here’s what he says:

Miami attorney and anti-violent video game activist, Jack Thompson, has confirmed in a phone conversation this afternoon with a close family member of Ken Bartley, Jr., the boy who shot three Campbell County High School administrators, killing one, that he was a player of the Grand Theft Auto video games which have been linked to countless similar killings around the country. Thompson will swear under oath that this is precisely what Ken Bartley’s family member told him.

This is a significant revelation, as it appears, based upon initial accounts of the shooting, that the 15-year-old boy did not go to school with the intent to kill. As has happened in other instances, as in the triple homicide in Fayette, Alabama, by an 18-year-old obsessive player of the cop-killing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a highly-charged emotional event can serve as a trigger for such a shooting. These killing games allow an individual, unwittingly, to rehearse for homicide. When pushed by fear, the game’s rehearsal function becomes the young brain’s “default setting.”

The Grand Theft Auto murder simulation games are made by Take-Two’s Rockstar Games of New York. Take-Two and Rockstar are represented by the giant Philadelphia Republican law firm of Blank Rome. In Alabama, Blank Rome argued last week that “there have been no murders linked to the Grand Theft Auto games.”

Here then, in Jacksboro, Tennessee, is yet another killing caused by these games that Blank Rome and Take-Two/Rockstar must explain away. Two years ago, two teen boys killed one man and wounded a young woman in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, just miles from the killing and woundings yesterday. Law enforcement officials concluded in that earlier Tennessee killing that “the boys were bored and wanted to see what it was like to shoot at cars like in the Grand Theft Auto III game on which they played.”

Contact Jack Thompson for more information at 305-666-4366. Contact Blank Rome for more fiction.

I hate you Jack Thompson. I hope you die. I hope you are killed by someone who’s never played violent video games. We are decent people. We love and care for those around us. You are looking for a scapegoat to all of societies problems. You found one in GTA.

Burn in hell.