Danny Snap and the Memories

November 11, 2005

Danny Snap and the Memories
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Some girl called me Danny Snap a long time ago. I don’t know why I remember it but I do. I thought it would be kind of a cool stage name, so I mocked up a poster from one of my pictures. Came out alright.

I’ve been looking at a lot of the old songs. I was fiddling around with Highway To You, and I wondered why we never recorded it. It is an awesome song, and I can get it down pretty easily. Now, if only I had some vocals from Ryan and some lead guitar and harmonica.


I wont sleep tonight cause Im broken

Im a fool for what Ive done

More a fool for repetition

I should learn to trust in what Youve given me so freely

So here I stand

God judging man

Falling from the grace You gave me

Lifted by the love Youve shown

Falling down on bended knees

Begging for Your mercy

Dear Father, I give my heart

Forever work through me

It is almost 5 am. I should try to nap. I have an 8am class.
On that note, goodnight, goodbye, farewell to arms.