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December 31, 2005

Hey. For those that are interested, I suggest checking our Looce.com. It’s a social blog, and all are free to post on it after registering. It’s a tech blog primarily, and many of the posters, including myself, are Flock users and contributers. Again, all are free to post there, you just have to register.
I’ll be getting in to Midland on Wednesday, around 11pm (train gets in at 9-10pm in Flint). Anyone still going to be there?

Quick Update

December 29, 2005

Just so you all know I am still alive…

Christmas was nice. Got some cool stuff, gave some cool stuff. I got an iPod Video, which means I have been working on organizing and encoding all my media. Podcasts I enjoy and are on my iPod are:

This Week in Tech (with Leo Laporte, the only good thing about G4 tv anymore)
Inside the Net
Channel Frederator
Photoshop TV
1Up.com 1Up TV

All very cool indeed. Check them out. There are several Flock mentions in the Inside the Net podcast, along with an interview with Chris Messina from Flock (episode 2).

Speaking of Flock, thanks for all the input on my ideas. I’m pressing on with a Mozilla Users Group idea to begin with. That would be well accepted at Michigan Tech, and would segue nicely into a Flock promotional campaign. I think that recruiting developers and programmers (whatever you wish to call them) is going to be on a more person-to-person basis. I will, however, post on several campus boards about Flock, and the open-source lovliness that allows people to contribute.

I’m in tablature withdrawl. I miss MXTabs.net a lot. I can see how the MPA (Music Publisher’s Association, or something of that nature) is within its right to shut it down, but they offer no viable alternative. There are bands who honestly care less about selling the printed music (almost all of them) and alot have sections on their site for musicians to get the tabs. Plus, the entire way the MPA went about it is just nasty. They essentially said, in a press release “We are going to take down sites that look very legitimate, and that are very, very popular.” Which makes them very, very unpopular. Blegh. We need a more open-source music publishing policy. Knock the corporate executives down a few notches where they belong. In the ground. Which is exactly where they are running the music industry anyway.

I cannot sleep well tonight. I keep feeling like bugs are crawling over me. Not pleasant. And no, no bugs are actually crawling on me.

OK, for those that didn’t see the message I had up earlier, I win. I win 100 bucks from the concrete state of Illinois. I got a lotto ticket from my mom; one of those scratch off $5 cards where you have a few chances to win. I sat down and scratched off the numbers and boxes (it was supposed to be like bingo) and saw that I won five bucks. A few more scratches, another five. Then I got a $50 combo thingy. Sweet. Went to the Speedway down the road and asked the lotto dude to case it, for what I thought would be 80 bucks (I had combos totalling 80 that I saw). I had missed a Bingo combo and my total came out to 100 bucks. Sweetness. Book money. Sweetness -1…

I really need to run some more today after my dentist appointment. That and start eating well again. I put on a bit of weight, and it definitely shows. Let’s see what one full week of suicidal workout routines, diets, and fruit frenzies can do. Take that, 30 piece Chic-Fil-A nuggets, dressing, and southern home-cooked meals!

I fixed the formatting of the link rollovers. It had been in the back of my mind and I just never got around to it. Lloyd (magic QA guy from Flock) mentioned it to me the other day, and it started to bug me more, mainly because I noticed it more. It was gross. Stuff would get bumped up and down, left and right. So I fixed it. Simple as that.

I have another idea… Only Bakke knows this one right now, and that’s the way it’s gonna stay. At least, for a while more. This one is gonna be good!

Back to Basics

December 22, 2005

Man, I forgot about how much my Dell Inspiron 8000 really sucks. It was alright last year at school, but all of a sudden it can’t run anything. Which is why I am posting through Blogger and not through Flock. I apologize for the poorly formatted last post. Not sure what went on there.

I talked to Bakke a bit about that Mozilla users group. We decided it would be worthy of our time to start on campus as both a student group, and a Facebook group (haven’t really got the Facebook group up). Been thinking of what to call it and all the logo details too (U MoFo? [University Mozilla Foundation? Not sure]). Jake, I may (read: will) collaborate with you for a logo.

I leave tomorrow to go down to Toomsuba, Mississippi to visit my grandparents. No posts for a while.

Oh, and I got my final grades the other day. I actually passed Philosophy with an A- (a far cry from the C- I expected). The rundown:
Philosophy: A-
Business Law: B
Building Systems: A
Intro to CET: A
Institutions: B-
Bowling (aw yeah!): Pass

Get the Flock Out There!

December 20, 2005

I have an idea. It will require some PR work, and some money, but I want to try. It’s called “Get the Flock Out There,” and it would be awesome. Think Spread Firefox, but for Flock. Basically, my vision is to get a team of Flockstars who know the basics about Flock, and some flyers and shirts and stickers, and hit all of Michigan Tech. There are plenty of bored Computer Science majors just waiting for an awesome new project, and Flock could be that project they are looking for. There are tons of graphic designers, skinners, bloggers, photographers, and all sorts of people that would be useful to the growth and spread of Flock.

This is not just for Michigan Tech in the long run; it could spread throughout campuses nationwide.

What needs to be done:

  • assemble a core team of Flockstars
  • design and print flyers
  • design and print stickers
  • design and print shirts
  • get community interest in Flock
  • distribute flyers, stickers, and shirts
    -the printed materials would obviously have to pass copyright requirements, maybe even being from Flock themselves.

Now, this will not begin until the middle of January when classes resume. The goal of this is not to promote Flock as much as to recruit new programmers, coders, and tinkerers. Once the Early Adopters release comes out, the focus will be split in two; some focus on gaining new hackers, and a lot of focus on getting new Flockstars up and running.

What I would like to see, ultimately, is a Mozilla Product Group on campus. The group would be centered around the use of all things Mozilla, including (maybe even primarily) Flock. Think “Linux Users Group.” In addition to providing a community of users, there would also be a nice base of tinkerers and hackers who write extensions, bug patches, themes, etc. With the university provided money ($2k) various socials and antisocials could be held (they aren’t just for Californians after all), and shirts printed, banners made, flyers distributed, etc.

This is a large undertaking which I cannot handle by myself. It will require several rockin people to help get this off the ground. Bakke, Didur, SweetLew, you in? Anyone else?

What say you, community?

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December 19, 2005

I’m a bit tired. But I am finally home. Train took a while because I guess one of the Metras collided with a car and killed a guy. That means our train had to take a different track.

Going out to eat in a while at Fudruckers. Tonight we are just going to stay around and relax. Tomorrow I’m hitting up some shops to get presents for my family. Jill is sleeping right now (or at least doing a very good job pretending to do so).

I have an article I am working on in my mind about several things, mainly on the internet, Flock, Web 2.0, and how all of these will effect us. Or not.

So, until the next post (which will be text, once again since I’m runnning out of minutes on my phone), take it easy.


December 19, 2005

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December 17, 2005

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No Consolation

December 17, 2005

RIAA Sucks! They shut down mxtabs.net. Factory Joe has something he would like to say…

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Red Two

December 17, 2005

Red Two
Originally uploaded by danakin.

I’m in Midland. And you know what? I like it. But in about 32 hours, I’ll be on my way to Naperville. So if you want to see me, tomorrow would be a good day to do so.

Take it easy.


December 16, 2005

I’m up to 1,220 total hits on the site. Pretty ridiculous since I was just happy about hitting 1,000. Maybe being linked from Jake Dahn helps…