To Do

December 5, 2005

More of a list for me, but here’s what I’ve got to do today and tomorrow:

  • Write Philosophy paper on the coexistence of God and evil
  • Building Systems electrical systems take-home exam (piece of cake..mmmm, cake!)
  • Business Law case review with Scotty and Walter
  • Talk to Resnet guys. Get my registered MAC address changed. Figure out why our internet connections have been so slow lately. You know, typical booting of head
  • Take some pictures for Jill
  • Figure out what can go home to unclutter the room
  • Stich up the hole in my chair
  • Stich up the hole in my other chair
  • Do some freakin reekin laundry
  • Update some of my podcasts
  • Listen to said podcasts
  • Remove northbridge fan from motherboard
  • Do some stuff for Flock
  • Typical forum rounds
  • Eat
  • Sleep (possibly)

If you cannot tell by the time on this post, I am pulling an all nighter. Been working on getting Ubuntu Linux to work for me. It works alright, but I am having some problems still. Anyway, still gotta work on that paper, which is the primary reason I have stayed up (although the majority of time has been spent working with Josh on setting up Ubuntu for both of us).

I promise some update of deeper significance later. As for now, I have work I must attend to, and the day grows brighter by the second…