Broken Beta Blues

December 8, 2005

I have been using Flock as my primary browser lately. I have a hard time going back to Firefox after using it so much. But, the latest build (1134054263) is kinda buggy, and I forgot to save the old build. Cest la vie.

One of my favorite features is the Collection bar. You can set multiple favorite toolbars, and then scroll through a list and choose one to display. Currently, I have one for Flock, School, Games, Photos, and Frequently Accessed. So handy. The current problem I have is that there are actually 2 toolbars for the collection and no way to turn one off. The Topbar menu is broken right now.

So, I gotta wait a couple hours (or days) for a fix. In the meantime, I’m off to save the world, singing songs from the balcony as the city cru,bles under the powers of an evil doctor rocket science monster with capabilities to destroy the entire universe. GO!