December 11, 2005

I have a button on the right now for the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). Typically, I think they come up with some crazy ideas, much in the way that PETA does. However, I like their views on bloggers rights. Check it out, tell me what you think. More buttons for other things are coming soon, just wait and see!

Words of Wisdom

December 11, 2005

Mitch Hedberg

Just to brighten your studying days…

Suckered In Again

December 11, 2005

Another late night, another new blog for me. I feel like a dirty little whore.

Dirty Little Whore

December 11, 2005

I made another blog. One of the guys who does some graphics for Flock, Jake Dahn, said it was better. I can see how it could be, if you hosted the blog yourself, but Blogger lets you do these things already. In any case, another night, another new site. I feel like a whore.

But it isnt that bad. I have finals coming up in about 29 hours, and I feel pretty confident. Haven’t studied too much, but that will change later today. Do some Institutions reading, and study for Building Systems.

Oh yeah. In other news, Hall Detox smoked the ROTC hall in their challenge for the hall cup. They challenged us to a Halo 2 match, not knowing that the four best Halo players on campus were in our hall. Poor move on their part. They lost pathetically, but were good sports. So, we retain the hall cup for another couple of weeks. We won in points this semester, which makes three semesters in a row.

Should be sleeping. No. Cannot.

Also, I am now addicted to Questionable Content. Gotta thank K-Way for that one. Such a good webcomic. On par with Penny Arcade, but with completely different subject matter. Most of the time.

And even better than all this is the fact that in less than a week I will get to be with Jill again. Hooray! I miss her so much, you dont even know.

So today’s agenda (once I wake up):
Head out to Walter and Scotty’s house to work on some business law stuff
Come back to the dorms
Fold laundry
Read for Institutions
Work on Building Systems notes
Scratch that “Fold Laundy” crap. I’m just going to pack it. Just need to leave some stuff out to wear for the week.
Clean up the room
Work out with Solo (2 mile run, abs and chest)
Study some more
Start reading Mere Christianity again
Sleep (maybe)