I hate morning class. but not as much as I hate morning exams

December 12, 2005

Yeah, things could be better. I have a class to go to today to make up for an absence and that’s about it for the day. That and studying. Hoorah…

Took my Institutions exam. Should be alright. I can BS my way around economics. I read the assigned chapters, I studied. But the prof somehow twisted “Family and Religion” into “Chinese Economics.” He’s a real miracle worker…

Also found out last night that my Institutions prof actually edited the book. That may explain somethings…

I do have new buttons up to the right. I’ll explain some of them for you:
IMB- International Missions Board. Probably where Jill and I will get our missions work from
Jake- Link to Jake Dahn’s site. He makes stuff.
Ubuntu- Ubuntu Linux. I use it when not using Windows. Good for some things, not good for somethings. Easy for Linux newbies. Can have a GNOME environment, or KDE (Kububtu)
Technorati- Technorati is a web notification service, amongst other things. Very useful
GetJuice- I use Juice to get my podcasts from the net. Yup
Flickr- You should know what this is. Photosharing and storage.

Yup. In other news, still chuggin along in Tales of Symphonia. Man, that game is long…

4 days.

Good luck to all with finals.

OH!!!! And my blog has now had over 1000 unique visitors! Thanks to all!

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