The Possibilites of Flock!

December 14, 2005

[16:29] [jakedahn] anyone know the specifics about how much ram and other resources are used from flock?
[16:31] [lloyd] jakedahn: what do you mean?
[16:31] [jakedahn] like, how much ram does Flock use?
[16:32] [lloyd] as much as you have 😉
[16:32] [jakedahn] lol
[16:34] [ian] it uses some ram
[16:34] [ian] and some disk space
[16:34] [ian] sometimes it will use your cpu
[16:34] [ian] it likes beer
[16:34] [jakedahn] any specifics?
[16:34] [ian] and cookies
[16:34] [jakedahn] and what kind of beer ?
[16:34] [ian] german
[16:35] [ian] chocolate chip cookies are definately flock-compatibel
[16:35] [ian] and sometimes it can’t spell
[16:35] [intersezioni] well, you can quote developers in your writing..that’s very useful if you talk about beer specifics
[16:36] [intersezioni] I guess non-alcohol beer will crash flock


[16:36] [jakedahn] and for my german class, my damn teacher is making us do a presentation on german culture
[16:36] [jakedahn] im doing it either on beer or linux
[16:38] [jakedahn] but i think beer is already taken

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My brain still hurts

December 14, 2005

Ok, so I’ve wrapped my head around the entire Samantha-being-married thing (kinda). Now I just need to wrap my head around several other things. First on the list is Philosophy, closely followed by Business Law. Third, I need to realize that next semester is (in all liklihood) going to be pretty tough. Fourth, I need to do something.

Bakke and I are leaving early Friday morning. As in 6am when the sun don’t shine and Lackey doesnt live early. We have to take Elaan home as well. Trip should be alright, if I remember to burn a few CDs (Mitch Hedberg, Five Iron Frenzy).

I really need to figure out this philosophy junk. The exam is really formal, and I’m more scared of this exam than the Business Law, Building Systems and Institutions exam combined. It’s not like it should be hard for me, if it’s writing down views and arguing for one side or the other. That I would be fine with. It’s more a matter of the exam could be anything. If it’s something like “Who argued that businesses should be focused on money instead of morals?” then I may be screwed. Names arent my deal.

Anyway, I miss being home. At either home, in Midland or Chicago. I’ll see you all soon.