Get the Flock Out There!

December 20, 2005

I have an idea. It will require some PR work, and some money, but I want to try. It’s called “Get the Flock Out There,” and it would be awesome. Think Spread Firefox, but for Flock. Basically, my vision is to get a team of Flockstars who know the basics about Flock, and some flyers and shirts and stickers, and hit all of Michigan Tech. There are plenty of bored Computer Science majors just waiting for an awesome new project, and Flock could be that project they are looking for. There are tons of graphic designers, skinners, bloggers, photographers, and all sorts of people that would be useful to the growth and spread of Flock.

This is not just for Michigan Tech in the long run; it could spread throughout campuses nationwide.

What needs to be done:

  • assemble a core team of Flockstars
  • design and print flyers
  • design and print stickers
  • design and print shirts
  • get community interest in Flock
  • distribute flyers, stickers, and shirts
    -the printed materials would obviously have to pass copyright requirements, maybe even being from Flock themselves.

Now, this will not begin until the middle of January when classes resume. The goal of this is not to promote Flock as much as to recruit new programmers, coders, and tinkerers. Once the Early Adopters release comes out, the focus will be split in two; some focus on gaining new hackers, and a lot of focus on getting new Flockstars up and running.

What I would like to see, ultimately, is a Mozilla Product Group on campus. The group would be centered around the use of all things Mozilla, including (maybe even primarily) Flock. Think “Linux Users Group.” In addition to providing a community of users, there would also be a nice base of tinkerers and hackers who write extensions, bug patches, themes, etc. With the university provided money ($2k) various socials and antisocials could be held (they aren’t just for Californians after all), and shirts printed, banners made, flyers distributed, etc.

This is a large undertaking which I cannot handle by myself. It will require several rockin people to help get this off the ground. Bakke, Didur, SweetLew, you in? Anyone else?

What say you, community?

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