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December 22, 2005

Man, I forgot about how much my Dell Inspiron 8000 really sucks. It was alright last year at school, but all of a sudden it can’t run anything. Which is why I am posting through Blogger and not through Flock. I apologize for the poorly formatted last post. Not sure what went on there.

I talked to Bakke a bit about that Mozilla users group. We decided it would be worthy of our time to start on campus as both a student group, and a Facebook group (haven’t really got the Facebook group up). Been thinking of what to call it and all the logo details too (U MoFo? [University Mozilla Foundation? Not sure]). Jake, I may (read: will) collaborate with you for a logo.

I leave tomorrow to go down to Toomsuba, Mississippi to visit my grandparents. No posts for a while.

Oh, and I got my final grades the other day. I actually passed Philosophy with an A- (a far cry from the C- I expected). The rundown:
Philosophy: A-
Business Law: B
Building Systems: A
Intro to CET: A
Institutions: B-
Bowling (aw yeah!): Pass