New Year

January 1, 2006

Hey, it’s 2006. Oh well. Good thing we had huge celebrations all over the world, indicating that time still moves foward.

Quick rundown of my day:
Freaked out when I realized that MLiPod screwed up the video capabilities of my iPod. Spent a long time fixing it, which ended with me losing all my songs and videos on the iPod. Should take 4 more hours to get everything back on.


Played GuildWars. Got my Grenth Antlers. Hoorah!

Talked in the Flock IRC channel

Finally fixed the downstairs computer. Removed several nasty trojans that removed the ability to use RegEdit, msconfig, and the task manager. They also allowed anyone with IRC and a program that read the virus’ data it was sending to take complete control of the computer. Also shut down various security functions. Also, it prevented Windows from updating. Needless to say, the virus sucks.

Got yelled at because, since I fixed that, Melissa no longer has her playlists, etc in iTunes (had to remove the other accounts to fix the virus). Really, I feel no sympathy. She downloads crap off Limewire and Bearshare (who uses those anymore? Sheesh…) and the viruses probably came packaged in some of the music files. She’s gonna have to deal.

Picked up some spices from Penzeys. Got one for free. Schweet

Mario Strikers is good. You want to play. Don’t resist. Give in. Mario. Soccer. Good.