Ashitaka (Adagio of Life and Death)

January 2, 2006

Well, I can say with some certainty that the final cuts from The Few No More’s “You’re Gonna Carry That Weight” are almost ready. Bakke and I are going to sit down about a week from now and finish this once and for all.

Most of the songs you will know. Some of the ones you like will be missing (namely, Ashitaka and Blue Thunder Carousel). Bakke really wants more practice with recording, so we are going to be playing around with Ashitaka over the semester. Getting it roughed out would be my only goal, with the main structure there, waiting to be polished, and needing vocals.

The tuning is an ancient secret, known only to those elite enough. And anyone who reads my blog, because I’m giving it to you:

That might not be entirely true. I seem to recall that in the intial version that G was really a F#, but I like keeping it as a G. It makes the chords work a bit better, and doesn’t detract anything from the song.

I am really looking foward to releasing these recordings. We’ve been sitting on them for far too long, and it is our fault. The Few No More is really no more because of that. We apologize. It was musical suicide. But we vow to at least make a partial ressurection and invade some of your iPods.

Most likely we will be releasing under a pretty non-restrictive Creative Commons license. We aren’t looking to profit too much on this (we’d really like to, but it is an unreasonable expectation).

My favorite songs are Crush (Far Too Much) and Rainy Day Emily. RDE is one of the reasons we are so late getting all of this out. Every one of us had a different idea on where to go with the song, and none really liked the outcome from the recording session. We never rerecorded anything (save for Ryan’s version for the Office Call EP) and so it is as it is. You’ll see what we could have done better. It is still an awesome track. Bakke has done quite a bit of work on that one, and it shows. He made it more than a song; it’s an experience (I’m only hyping a tiny amount here. Honestly).

I really want to learn some of the stuff Bakke knows about recording. I’m going to try to be involved in the finalizing and soak up some there (program UI, controls, etc) and then as we record more stuff (get to that in a minute) learn some finer points.

Which brings me to another goal of mine; recording more. As with Bakkalitz, I need to rehone my musical abilities. I’ve really let them slide. Recording allows me to do this. I have three goals to help me in this; record a basic Ashitaka, write some stuff to record with Emma (“Morning” is a start, gonna write an “Emma specific” song), and write some guitar/bass stuff to record with Bakke.

Might as well list my goals. These are not New Year’s resolutions. These are goals I simply have:

  • Lose 15-20 excess pounds. I’m at 170lbs or so now, and I want to get to 160-155 by Winter Carnival. Should be doable. I lost 6 in one week, with visible results, and gained it and more over break. Just need motivation.
  • Record some stuff. Already covered what, when and why.
  • Videos. I’m planning on getting people the Stars Hanging Silent music video in a form they can download and watch. We had some problems with our last try at uploading. Matt Thiessen from Relient K even noticed (seriously! I have the email from him!)
  • Break some habits. Notably, my jaw-clenching habit. It’s one of the reasons I have such bad jaw-popping and grinding. I do it worst in my sleep, so my dentist got some molds of my teeth and is making me a night mouthguard.
  • Learn some new recipes. I have a wok, a Foreman, and a crockpot. I can cook anything. I just need to know what to cook. Yes, you can have samples.
  • Get some money. It would be helpful. Lotto tickets may be occasionally involved.
  • Couple of secret goals. You don’t know them. Well, maybe some of you do. But some of you might not. OK? Cool.

That’s about it for now. I dont really need anymore goals.

And I’ll leave you on an unrecorded note:

Ashitaka (Adagio of Life and Love)
by Matt McConnell

Ashitaka will you ride, your agile suku fishing boat
though you know the angry sea may claim you
Ashitaka will you sail, through the violent storm
though you know the crashing waves may take you!

Ashitaka take the ropes, within your mighty hands
And catch the wind within your sinking sails
The storm is all but spent, and you arms are nearly wore
but still with demon hand you grip the stern
On and on you know you have to go!

Ashitaka do you know? The love for which your wolf girl cries
Though she seems to tear your very soul
Ashitaka, will you go? Fly to her and love for her
Even if she bites the hand that feeds her?

Home’s on the Horizon, and the thunder’s in the wind
The iron breeze doth toss you to and fro
Just because she steps back, when your hand is out for hers
All because of all the love you want to show
But on and on you you know you have to go!

The waves do split beneath the bow, the boat does keel against the storm
And your daughter, somewhere now, is being born
For you and your love alone, your ghost princess is calling
On a cerum’s wings you’re soaring, like fire you split the sea
On and on you know you have to go!

© 2003, The Few No More


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  1. brittany Says:

    HUGS* i new were still aline in the wonderful world of the net.. pht.. lol..have a good day

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