My Morning Jacket loves freedom

January 3, 2006

For those of you who have seen the BarCamp video then you have obviously noticed the awesome musical stylings of My Morning Jacket. The song in the video is “One Big Holiday.” And luckily, it was released on a Creative Commons license, which means you can download it for free. It is on one of their CDs as well, as well as on the Wired CD. The CD is filled with free tracks you can use for various purposes. My Morning Jacket and The Beastie Boys are on there, along with a bunch of other artists.

I’m heading back to Midland in a little over 12 hours. Hooray! I’ve got my iPod all loaded up for the trip with some Family Guy episodes, and a ton of podcasts I’ve been saving.

Andrew was originally going to pick me up at the trainstation in Flint. However, he’s down for the count with a stomach flu of some sorts. Which means he’s been puking. Which sucks. He hates puking, to the point of phobiatic fear. Kinda odd, but that’s how he’s been. He should be good to go in a couple of days, Saturday at the latest. His sister, Meg, had the same thing a couple of days before.

So McConnell is picking me up, I suppose. I hate asking those kind of favors last minute, but it had to be done. I am not sleeping in the trainstation in Flint. Too dangerous. Should be good though.

I’ll be posting more here and on in a week or so. You should all check out for tech related stuff, as well as anything else we decide to post. You can also register there and post whatever you want. It’s all free, and all cool. Most of us are from the Flock project, so we tend to post a lot about that (reviews, and such) but there’s other stuff as well.

Gonna be fun figuring out roommate situations back at Tech with KWay not attending anymore. Lew, Didur, Solo, and Phillip are the main people in question. I expect there to be some crazy politicing there.

I’m coming home, suckas!


One Response to “My Morning Jacket loves freedom”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is K-Way… and sadly… no… I am not going back to Michigan Tech… I am changing majors… and Tech is not the right place for me

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