January 7, 2006

I finally am back in the UP! I can’t express how much I love it up here. After the concrete plains of Illinois, I am finally somewhere natural and beautiful. I wish I had some pictures of the drive up. Didn’t think about it. Seriously, the UP is one of the most majestic places to drive through. It’s clean, and it’s quiet, and I love it.

So, Bakke and I got in around 5pm today. Spent several hours unpacking and rearranging furniture. Got it where we like it, just have to clean it up a bit.

And the Juhasz twins are here. Somehow, they have a Nikon D50 camera, which is incredibly awesome. I’ve always loved Canon cameras, but this one is very nice. Maybe it’s because I haven’t used a good, high-end camera in a while. In anycase, I played around with it and took some pictures. Most are me (for Jill, and whoever else wants to see what an 8-hour-no-shower-been-moving-furniture-and-stuff Lackey looks like), with two shots of the dorm and one shot out the window. Enjoy.

Playing with a D50

Playing with a D50

Playing with a D50

Playing with a D50

Playing with a D50

Playing with a D50

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One Response to “113662163587797914”

  1. Jillybean Says:

    yeah, that’s a very nice camera. I like the pictures.

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