HOMM 5, Part 2

January 28, 2006

Somehow got HOMM 5 to install. Don’t know why it activated this time and not the others.

Impressions after playing for a while:
Gameplay and graphics are good. The world view is everything the HOMM world view has been, but 3d. Some of the towns are downright spectacular looking.
Interface is not good. At all. Does not feel like HOMM, look like HOMM, or interact like HOMM. Not intuitive really. The older games weren’t terribly intuitive in town, but at least they weren’t as cluttered.
The panning in towns makes me hurt….
Combat looks good, and the Necro units are sweet.
So are all the other units.
Still, it doesn’t feel like HOMM should interface-wise.
Also, extremely slow when going in to battle or town. Probably just on my part (RAM needs a nice doubling), but this game taxes the computer. And you though BF2 was harsh…

I can definitely see the game being good; in 3-5 months time. Please, Nival and Ubi, please change the interface back to the classic one. It worked so well!

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