HOMM5 Bugs

January 30, 2006

There’s a ton of them…Please note that the bugs listed here are only ones not flagged as “Known” in the readme. Update: This is an old post pertaining to the beta. HOMM5 is a good game now. Also note, that this list was copy/pasted here from somewhere (I’d link if I could remember where).
– Initiative Queue (the bar at the bottom during combat) cannot display units with more than 99 troops. E.g. if you have 181 troops, it will display 81.

– Sometimes artifacts are picked up twice even though they are only there once. Happened to me with Iceberg Shield.

– Caster units do less damage when stacked higher. E.g. 40 elder druids will do very little more damage than 20 elder druids. Splitting them into 2 stacks of 20 does more damage than a stack of 40.

– Imbuing your arrows with lightning bolt for example does not trigger the bolt when you attack.

– Resource Silo for Preserve gives Gems instead of Crystals.

– Resource Silo for Inferno gives Sulfur instead of Mercury.

– Resource Silo for Necropolis gives Mercury instead of Wood and Ore.

– Resource Silo for Dungeon only costs 5000 Gold instead of 5000 Gold and 5 Ore.

– In combat, having units close by can overlap the count and thus hide it (especially nasty when its more than 100 and the bar below won’t show it)

– Ring of Lightning protection actually makes lightning based spells 50% stronger (not sure if it still protects for 50% or not)

– Empowered spells do not work

– Game crashes for many users when transitioning between underground and above ground, likely due to intensive memory usage leading to desynchronization of the game. Users both experience a permanent hour glass cursor with most game functions becoming inaccesible.

– Several buttons are missing an icon and have script descriptions in the town menues.

– Text typed before/during battles may not show up until after the battle.

– Resources lack tooltip names.

– After the combat, the wrong was victorious against Y message pops up. Sometimes Y is empty and sometimes its the hero’s own army.

– Bless spell increases damage instead of maximizing it.

– Curse spell decreases damage instead of minimizing it.

– Some skills cannot be chosen even if requirements are met (e.g. Disguise and Reckon)

– Cursors sometimes mess up when trying to enter a town. The Town Enter cursor often does not appear. (castle icon appears instead)

– Memory Leaks and people not being able to use the internet after having played H5 without a reboot.

– If not in the right camera angle, you sometimes cannot move your hero around at all until you realign your camera to another angle.

– Necromancy Amplifier gives a much larger percentage per town than it should. Having basic necromancy and 1 town (with amplifier) gave 90% revival. Also, higher tier units are revived at a much larger rate than low tier units.

– Underground movement path color can be red even for non combat which is confusing.

– Initiative bar at the combat bottom screen does not update continuously at times, showing old moves still.

– Mass version of spells miss tooltips and spell name (only have the icon).

– Devil’s ability has no tooltip.

– Boarding/Leaving a ship should have its own cursor.

– No display for how long certain buffs last and if they still last.

– Using teleport on a 2×2 unit will only show a 1×1 square (which is the top right square of the 2×2 creature when teleported)

– Starting units too random, sometimes players will start with almost no units and sometimes with high level ones.

– Sword pointer in combat is unclear when attacking or using a 2×2 creature to attack. When attacking from left bottom for example, the creature would still move to right below the enemy to attack instead.

– War machines die before a spell effect hits them.

– First aid tent will ressurect units when healing them permanently if the hero can control the tent. It will also cure units of negative effects in this case.

– Militiamen do not give gold/day although the hero ability to increase the gold produced by militamen AND peasants suggests that they should.

– Female and Male heroes look the same.

– Under 1600×1200 chat text has problems displaying.

– Dragon Tomb Stone for Necropolis can be built before the dragon graveyard is built.

– After clearing a tomb, it is still flagged as visited />

– Rider and Minotaur building in Dungeon’s city plan are switched.

– Raise Dead lets you keep the creatures even after battle.

– Flying and Teleport will not work across castle walls.

– Harmful touch (wraith ability) affects undead and mechanical units.

– Death Cloud (Lich ability) AoE affects mechanical units but not undead (should not affect either in AoE, should the actual target only)

– Necropolis allows you to buy a building called of Darkness which costs 1000 Gold and has for Second hero ability as description. This building is NOT on the city plan but will appear randomly when you open the buy menu and has no icon.

– Cycling through towns in the town menu temporarily makes 3 mouse cursors appear while loading.

– Mage guild gives 4 lvl 1, 4 lvl2, 3 lvl3, 3 lvl4 and 4 lvl5 spells instead of 3,3,2,2,1.

– Hero will cast a large shadow over the castle if standing near it from acertain angle.

– Camera is very restricted from rotating on the battle field and in towns.

– Tactics skill does nothing.

– Using/Exploiting Auto-Combat can give endless combat turns.

– Enemy hero’s movement sound can be heard even when not nearby.

– No music on the adventure map.

– Clicking on a chest located near a staircase to above-ground can cause the hero to transition to above-ground instead of getting the chest if part of the movement path runs over the staircase.

– The necropolis hero ability that allows the hero to raise wights after combat only raises manes instead.

– When clicking on an unexplored area on the map, the area is explored for a short moment before it is covered up again.

– Viewing the map at a low camera angle draws the unexplored area’s contours, allowing to see what is there. This is due to the game rendering the complete map in advance and thus also creating slower games.

– When starting a new game, the city exterior first looks built up completely before it changes to the actual state.

– Gargoyles and skeletons bleed when hit.

– Dwarven Mithral shield is equipped on armor slot.

– Great axe of giant slaying is one handed.

– Game sometimes randomly splits unit stacks into several stacks in combat. Happens most frequently in sieges.

– Hire creature icon is disabled while no fort is built. However clicking a creature generator open the same screen as if the buy button had been clicked.

– Royal Griffin Battle dive can be targeted on friendlies and it will hit.

– Necropolis’ Great Mausoleum icon disappears temporarily when trying to build it when not sufficient resources are available.

– When clicking to build basic Academy upgradeable buildings, the upgraded building will flash on the city plan.

– Curse attack of wights and wraiths does not trigger.

– Wight/Wraith and Shadowdragons’ incorporeal ability does not work.

– When joining a multiplayer game and the list refreshes while you e.g. type the password for a certain game, it will send you to the currently marked game instead of the one you selected.

– Creatures fly through obstacles and other creatures instead of over them.

– Camera can only be rotated one way on the battle field and only 180 />

– Creating a game with the same name as an existing one will prevent the user from creating further games until Heroes 5 is restarted due to a message calling creation already in progress when it is not.

– Week of the Priest spawns Cleric creatures around the map instead of Priests.

– Dragonscale Armor and Dragonscale Shield are to give an offensive / defensive ability respectively. I had 1 offensive + defensive ability not chosen yet (but available) and did not get it by equipping either these items. Similarly Dragon Mantle does not work in this respect.

– When being teleported by a portal or spell, the client will load the target area first and then hop back to the starting spot and slowly to the target location, thus slowing the teleport process dramatically and increasing usage of CPU for the client. This can be seen as the selection window on the minimap slowly moves from start to target location.

– First aid ability will not restore a destroyed tent after combat.

– Soulhunter ability to raise manes (not wights) will not trigger a display of the stack’s death.

– Creature retaliation animation will sometimes trigger twice together with the sound. This is only the animaton and sound, the retaliation does not actually happen twice.

– Teleport spell in combat limits range and thus also prevents devils from freely teleporting.

– Thieves’ Guild buy information button incorrectly says Buy Hero.

– Gating speed is unaffected by any gate skill/ability (besides Instant gating) and building boni due to the gated creature appearing as soon as the gating creature’s next turn is over.

– Town portal spell teleports to the nearest unoccupied townis exploitable by moving a hero in the visiting slot and thus makingit possible to target which town one wants to teleport to.

– Initiative bar’s unit status is often out of date.

– Spell effects cast on a creature are sometimes not listed in its properties (right click) when it already has many properties bestowed upon it.

– When targeting with a spell or attack, other boxes around the target are lit up green as well (in a lighter green) even though those boxes are irrelevant. Likely due to lighting.

– When moving onto the corpse of a dead unit or a unit dies on the corpse of another, the unit that first died cannot be selected anymore (for ressurection or otherwise)

– Master gremlins use the reload animation and then jump when moving. Gremlins use the attack animation and then jump when moving.

– Battle Diving royal griffins still count as blocking a ranged unit when in the air (if they were blocking before performing battle dive).

– Attack/take damage animations for many creatures are not timed properly.

– Negative morale of a unit freezes its position on the initiative bar for a significant amount of time.

– When using the build option in towns, all possible buildings light up yellow instead of just the one that is to be built, creating higher CPU usage.

– When repairing a dead golem (or likely ressurecting a dead creature) on a currently occupied field, the occupant will not be able to attack while the revived creature can attack the occupant.

– Blood witch attack displays unit death count twice (although only one counts)

– Actions taken during the wait time between turns queue up and may cause unwanted actions to occur.

– Similarly, actions are queued up during any wait duration or loading time (e.g. accessing town screen, hero screen etc).

– Impossible to see what week it is. Also no display of what which week does.


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