That Front-End Loader’s Gonna Kill Me Someday

January 30, 2006

Seriously, it might. It’s been following me ever since we had to take Fro to the hospital when he broke his back. Now it’s right outside our dorm!

Not much to report. Got a new bank, with some money in my account. Jill’s coming up in a week and a half. Flock 0.6 should be landing soon (think Wednesday, maybe pushed back a while).
On the downside, homework. Got some earthwork estimation to do, which is a bear. It’s nothing too hard, but it takes forever. There’s a reason this stuff is done with computers now. Basically, you make grids on the site, then calculate the amount removed per grid box, but if the gridbox goes from excavation to fill, then you have to subdivide and recalculate. Etc etc. Also, have a 2 page Environmental Geology paper due tomorrow, and a test in the same course on Wednesday.

On the upside, games. We’ve got them. I have every version of the old school RTS Total Annihilation, including Core Contingency and Battle Tactics. Also, I have Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and 5, Battlefield 2, Sim City 3000, and old reliable Guild Wars.

Nasty Nate Shafer got engaged. Congradulate him if you see him.

Solo’s girlfriend and her sister are coming up this weekend.

We’ve started a Bible study, with me, Lew, Bakke and Solo. Gonna see if Felicia wants to join. Oh, and Figs dumped Felicia. BAD FIGS! BAD!

I like my Red Wing boots. So comfortable.

Kevin Mitnick can use the internet again. Woot!

This is a sentence I wrote!

This is called freewriting…

I really enjoy carpeting. Really, I do. The crap on the floors here sucks. I only say so because you cannot sleep comfortably on it without cushioning. Can’t wait to move into the apartment.

The Questionable Content for today is not that great. Sad.

Chris Messina went to a Microsoft dinner? Suprising. I didn’t peg him as the type to a) be invited to a Microsoft dinner and b) accept the invitation to the Microsoft dinner. Anyway, it’s kinda cool. For those of you who don’t know, Chris is kinda the voice of Flock. He did the presentation of Flock at Barcamp, and find’s plenty of good things to talk about.

Been blocking people on Flickr. Wierd people. Who?




Various reasons for this. ashynich is freakin’ MySpace wannabe. I cannot stand it. I took a picture a while back trying to be MySpacy. The emoness hurt! Literally!

That’s all.

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