In the Boat

February 28, 2006

Well, I’m in about the same boat as Bakke was earlier this weekend. I can walk, but just barely. I have no clue how my leg got so screwed up. I was running, and it started to hurt, so I stopped and stretched, and went upstairs to do some lab report stuff. Then went to Tae Kwon Do, and after several kicks, the inside of my lower leg just started to kill. After sitting down to put on my shoes, I fell trying to stand up on the leg. Grrr….no fun. Luckily for me, we have Ibuprofen, BLTs and a nice hot water supply.

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Resolutions Broken

February 27, 2006

Stuck with the all-fruit diet a whole no meals, since I realized there is no fruit up here for me to subside on. Still, eating much less.

Wanna see the monitors we got? Hokay….






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February 27, 2006

Giddy like a little schoolgirl right now…

Why? 15 free monitors, thats why!!!! 21 inchers, 17 inchers (nice Viewsonics at that), and an old IBM relic. SWEET!

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This Week the Trend…

February 26, 2006

…is detoxification. Mainly, switching up my diet to mostly fruits and veggies, with a turkey sandwich or BLT thrown in every so often. For protien, good old whey powder milkshakes. Gonna see how this works out, especially considering the only fruits in the cafeteria are apples, bananas and oranges. Gonna hafta make me some applesauce too.

Note: I fully expect to break this diet by Wednesday…

Other goals:
Run a full 25 minutes at mile/10 minutes
Run an 8 minute mile
Hit 165 lbs
Not suck

Fully doable. I guess.

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On stuff

February 26, 2006

Well, the Fox channel up here sucks hardcore. It freezes every 3 minutes due to a bad job switching over to digital. Grrr. At least the race and Family Guy were good.

In other news, my first eBay purchase is taking forever to get shipped. The seller’s rating has tanked since I won the auction, with most people complaining of the same things going on with me: seller takes forever to ship and won’t respond to emails. If they don’t get back to me soon, I’ll post the seller info.

I got a FlickrPro account. Weee!

I am also a Prayer Room chaplain now, and I’m happy about that.

I am also joining IME, Bakke and Lew’s enterprise. I am starting by helping out with cement and concrete testing, and I’ll be doing something else. Marketing, local promotion, learning how to code, etc.

I am also going to work out downstairs…right about now.

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Reading material

February 26, 2006

Been reading Theo Lang’s “The Word and the Sword.” Quite interesting, and so far pretty good. The novel revolves around Pontious Pilate, and his work before Christ was to be crucified.

One thing I have never understood is people saying that crucifixion couldn’t have killed Jesus. In those days, crucifixion was used quite often, kinda like lethal injection today.

Also been wrestling with some craziness in my head over the past couple nights. Thank goodness for The Prayer Room. Lots of support there, as well as with Jill. I’m so glad she’s so supportive. I love her so much.

Hehe, KWay’s myspace… “I don’t know where I’d be without her…” How about Michigan Tech? That sounds about right.


February 25, 2006

Kinda a poem/song thing. First thing I’ve written not pertaining to class in a long while. Gotta get back into it. No real form or whatnot, but hopefully you get it. Enjoy…


Wouldn’t it be wonderful
If we could all be the way we wanted ourselves to be?
All those nasty habits disappear?
All those embarrassing problems faded into nothingness?
And you could finally play guitar
And you could finally paint the ocean
Yeah, something you only wish for
Something you wish you could strive for
But when you try you fall so hard
And the bruises are discouraging
And the cuts leave you shamed
But wouldn’t it be wonderful?
That moment of breakthrough
That recognition that you have evolved
A brand new creature
Something lovable again
Something clean again
Something strong again
But wouldn’t it be wonderful?
I’ve heard there is a way
I’ve heard there is one way
But the path is rough
And the path is not compromising
And you will fall
And you will bruise and you will bleed
And the scars will become your cocoon
And someday you can break free
Won’t it be wonderful?