Goodness, it’s cold!

February 18, 2006

Grrr…..-3 degrees out right now, with that fog-like snow that whips around whatever head covering you are wearing and chills you to the core. It really bites you hard. Luckily I am inside. However, I have to get up sometime and “play” broomball later. They want me to play goalie. I want to sleep. What do you say to that, 1950s society?

Played a ton of Guild Wars today. Deserved it. Had to sit through quite a bit of stuff in class, and then had a nice 2 hour cement/agg lab. Who would have thought that one cubic foot of typical Portland cement had a density of 180 pcf? Eh, it was all good.

There’s some movie with Jim Belushi and Ahnold Schwarzenegger on right now. Not watching anymore, but I wish I could remember the name of the movie.

Highlights of my day:

  • Got to Cement/Agg 15 minutes late, and class ended 10 minutes early (for once)
  • BLT day in the cafeteria
  • Cement/Agg lab; finally getting into Portland cement. Good stuff
  • Ascended my N/W in Guild Wars, and then made a (semi) successful Tombs run. Then captured one of the best skills, and killed Glint (“toughest” boss to beat).
  • Ran 3/4 miles before realizing that my calves are killing me. And so is my groin
  • Pondered how Solo and I are approximately the same size and how he can be 35 pounds less than me
  • 4am and I am still not sleeping
  • Made meatballs
  • Ate said meatballs

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