Deeds Undone

March 7, 2006

Yeah, two posts, late night. One recipe, one song. Just like you like it.

Before the song, quick update for you all. Me and Jill are in the warmish suburbs of Chicago. Except it’s a bit colder for me now. Shaved my head. Completely (#2 blade). Went from hippie to kinda-Irish-boxer-looking-dude in about 5 minutes. Cost me 15 bucks, which made me realize, that a 30 dollar haircutting kit would do wonders. Anyway, went clothes shopping with Jill today at Target. As usual, out of the maybe 20 things she tried on, 15 looked good on her, and out of those 15, she only bought 2. Still, the two she got are nice. She also got some weightlifting gloves, some hair dye, and something else, I forget. She was also feeling generous with her gift card, so she split the cost of a nice scale for me. It has a built in body fat measurement thingamajig, and can also tell you how hydrated you are. Pretty neat. Also, got a nice 32oz Nalgene/Lexan bottle to gank milk from the cafeteria with.

Song here is called “Highway to You.” Wonderful lyrics by the Croe, and music by Matt and Ryan, no doubt. Working on remembering it, may get a recording out of me sometime, just to brush up (which reminds me, next week, there will be a TFNM song up for download, finished or not. Most likely, “Crushed”). Enjoy.

Highway To You
by jonathan Ault
C G Am
I’ll sing a highway back to you.
Dm C G
I’ll sing a highway back to you.
C E Am F
I’ll sing, and I’ll sing, yes I’ll sing, Oh I will sing
I’ll sing a highway back, to you
F Am G
I went walking in the forest yesterday,
Am E F-Fm
Into the hilled and living place.
C G Am
I tilted my head back inside a quiet glade
Dm Am G – C- Dm7
And sunlight trickled on my face.

I’ll sing a highway back to you.
I’ll sing a highway back to you.

F Am G
I’ve watched screens a-glow for hours at a time,
Am E F-Fm
Blue-empty as the summer’s sky;
C G Am
While words went stumbling through my barren empty mind
Dm Am C
Before they sank down and they died.

F Am G
The moon thrills through me like thunder on the sea,
Am E F-fm
My heart, feels bigger than the world.
C G Am
My eyes are gritty and my palms are always wet . . .
Dm Am G-C-Dm7
The sky unravels and uncurls.

I’ll sing a highway back to you.
I’ll sing a highway back to you.

I walked slowly down a cobbled street today,
Beneath the autumn’s music-spell.
A man with blackened arms beat out his hammer’s tune;
It broke upon me like a bell.

So go smiling through the rain and cherish gray,
And treat the darkness as your friend.
Don’t pray unless it brings some peace into your soul
And when you do, pray for the end.

I’ll sing a highway back to you.
I’ll sing a highway back to you.

I drink coffee black and bitter all the time
Because it helps me see the bars.
I know the hour the windy hill will fall to dust,
For I have seen it in the stars.

(Musical interlude)

It’s hard thinking about anything these days
It’s so much easier to dream.
‘Till fever-like the daylight falls across my face,
And birdsong hits me like a scream.

I’ll sing a highway back to you.
I’ll sing a highway back to you.

I’ll sing a highway back to you.
I’ll sing a highway back to you.


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