It’s coming…

March 14, 2006

Nothing up there yet, but hopefully we can get this done. Spread the words, yo. Hype it. A lot. Because it’s gonna be average. Brace yourself for the mediocre. Take a walk in the rain, and find yourself in winter.


Ok. Well, I’m a bit frustrated. No real reason. I’m just getting very sick of people. I even snapped at Jill yesterday. I really just need a tent and a good book, and maybe much better weather so I can go and camp in said tent and read said book.

Said book would be Johnny Cash’s autobiography, Cash. I’m a good ways into it, and so far, it is amazing. I reccomend it to anyone looking for a good read.

In any case, I’m finding it really hard to tolerate the people whose company I enjoy, much less those I don’t. There’s something to say about that. I’ve been ticked at just about everyone in the past three and a half days, and for no good reason. Little things they do that I all of a sudden notice, or things they say that make them sound completely idiotic and arrogant, or things they do the prove they are far too cocky for their own damn good.

I need to get away from the snow. Sunday night we had nothing on the ground, and a balmy 48 degrees. Monday, it snowed. Mountains of snow. Professors were stuck on campus, couldnt see 15 feet out the window for 12 hours on end kind of snow. About 32 inches in no time flat. My first class today was optional due to the snow, so I took the time to do work…in my head…in my dreams.

Gonna redo this template. Sometime. Kinda getting sick of it. Gonna write my own later. Or just change it up. One or the other.

Oh, the scale Jill got me is awesome. Bakke will agree, I believe. Thanks Fuzzball!

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