TMJ sucks

March 15, 2006

I wish my nightguard would help get rid of my jaw popping and locking faster. Instead, it just keeps getting worse. Basically, it sucks. It’s kinda hard to even opn my jaw now. I really don’t want to go through the same stuff Jenn did, especially because it is expensive (actually, only because of that. The surgery part doesn’t bother me). So I’m sticking with the plastic mouthpiece from hell for now.

One song Down, several more to go. Bakke finished up “Crushed” and will be uploading it to the site, where you may download it for free. Personally, I enjoy the older vocals more (they were more powerful and felt stronger, even though not as refined).

Scheduling for classes. Wishing the rest of my major’s courses would be put online so I could schedule. So far, not much. And sucks. Yeah. What does that even mean?

It means I’m tired. Night…


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