This post is about Guild Wars

March 17, 2006

Our guild isn’t that great. But we have fun. Most of the time. Some dudes are breaking off because they want a more PvP oriented guild. Meh. I like both PvP and PvE. Some people that are breaking off can’t grasp that concept.

One dude said I can’t play. That’s a lie. Went 21-0 in Team Arenas today. How can I not play? You mean, that’s a bad thing to win so much?

In any case, environment is going to get much more relaxed at Northern Brethren.

Nordic Beastmen…That is the other guild. Conan. Mighty power!

It’s gonna end up failing. Cause no one can meet his requirements. Including himself. But don’t say I told you that…(even though I did).


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