Tura lura lura!

March 19, 2006

Just want to let you know that The Few No More now has songs up for download. Not the greatest quality, but good anyway. Enjoy.

St. Pattys was fun. To sum it up for you, “Don’t be that guy.”

I just wanna say, Jill is cool. She’s gonna be a nurse, and she knows all that stuff. It’s awesome having a lady who can diagnose your problems for free. Then, she tops that off with singing. I wish I could see her tomorrow when she does her solo. She plays guitar pretty well too. I think she’s better than me. Not only that, but she also plays Guild Wars. When we aren’t together we can still do things together. Cool.

I hear all these bad things about people’s girlfriends and their destructive habits and obsessive ways. The only complaints I have with Jill is that she doesn’t smile enough and sometimes needs to talk up more. That’s nothing. Those aren’t even really bad.

Got several things to do. First off, once I’m done with this, sleep. When I wake up, gonna cook some Red Lobster style biscuits (by the way, don’t ever have Bakke search for ingredients in a cabinet). I hope they turn out all right. Then I got all sorts of stuff to keep me busy, including 2 papers and a group assignment (which I’m doing alone). I hope I can sit down sometime and just read tomorrow. Got the room cleaned decently finally so I can. Reading Jonny Cash’s autobiography still.

Johnny Cash was a cool guy. Kinda a “rags to riches to rags to great guy once more” tale. How cool do you have to be to have the Prime Minister of Jamaica order the nations soldiers to guard your house? In his later years, he was a really down to earth guy, with an amazing sense of home. It’s the only way I can describe it. I think it was Autumn who didn’t want to see Walk the Line because it just showed Cash’s bad side in his youth. But at the end, you see that he changes. He really did. Anyone who can take a Nine Inch Nails song and make it into such a powerful piece of art, even turning it into a Christian theme, is awesome in my book.


One Response to “Tura lura lura!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    it was NOT me who said that. i WANT to see walk the line just haven’t had the time. hope all is well.~autumn

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