Crappy day…

March 29, 2006

Well, I forgot how much of a worthless advisor I have. Jim Loman refuses to do anything to help. I spent the better half of the day running around in anger and frustration, trying to get overrides to get around his views of what I should do. So, the good news is I am up to 12 credits. The bad news is, that may be all I can take next semester is Mr. Loman has his ways. If it is, then screw it, I’m probably not going to be here next year. I can’t afford to be up here 6 years. Luckily, the professors don’t like the advisor either, so they are a big help when it comes to doing things. They are actually productive, unlike Loman.

See, the problem that I have is that I will have only 57 credits at the end of this semester. To enroll in these classes I need to be a Junior. I will be a junior in all respects next year (having taken all the pre-reqs), but will not have attained the 60 credits to be recognized by the computer system as a junior. But computer systems don’t take in to account situational probelms like mine. That is what the advisor is for. They are supposd to override the system when something like this occurs. After all, this is just a college education. It doesn’t matter, right? Seems to be the thinking in the tech advising office.

I don’t like Loman. I don’t know any students who like him. I know professors that like him on a personal level, but not on a professional level. He is not a good advisor. I hope some of the emails he got from students and professors today telling him this will wake him up. I hope he realizes that when students cuss him out, it is for a very legitimate reason. They would not cuss him out if he didn’t treat us like crap. They wouldn’t cuss him out if he actually helped us with anything, anything at all. He is screwing so many students out of classes that they should be in, and this is unacceptable.

So, since Loman can’t get his act together, I’ve been forced to rearrange my schedule in to a gruesome 18 credit week (assuming the professors’ help gets me the classes I need). I’m taking a class that meets 8 hours a week. My Tuesdays are now far from free (not to mention the dreaded 8am classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays). The only reason I’m doing this is because Loman won’t get around to fixing my schedule (which HE broke) anytime soon, and I need to retain Full-Student status, lest my tuition jump to out-of-state. Should that happen, I’m outta here. Too much financial strain on the family.

I am pretty furious. I’m not taking much from anyone today, and my temper is extremely short. It takes a lot to get me really ticked off, and in this kind of mood, but a doubleshot of Loman is more than enough to push me past the edge.

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