April 28, 2006

I think I may have Bakke take the TFNM stuff down off of Myspace. Why? This is why. Not cool.

So I got back in to town at 10:30 and suprised Jill with roses and a card. It means so much to me to be within 15 minutes of her again. Had a good time tonight. Jill played nurse and took my blood pressure and heart rate and all that jazz, ’cause she can.

Tomorrow, going out to Solo’s to hang out, work on the car, and then go out to Auto City and watch the supers race.

Sunday I’ll be at Sunrise, and then go out to Pi’s for lunch afterwards. Then it’s just hanging out with people and relaxing.

Monday, Jill and I will be heading to Naperville. Should be a fun ride. Hopefully my car can make it there, and the battery won’t randomly disconnect on the Stevenson. That would really suck…

Friday, Jill will be going back to Midland, and I’ll be separated once more, for who knows how long.

Trip down was alright. Once I figured out how to make my FM transmitter for my iPod work (as in, don’t have the volume jacked all the way up on the iPod, and remember, unlike all the other cars you ride in, the antenna on this one is on the back left, not front right) I had tunes going and calming me down. Driving alone is not my thing. Trip playlist:

Undergrads Soundtrack
David Crowder Band (from Can You Hear Us? and A Collision)
Ozma (RnR pt3, Spending Time)
Third Day (Offerings I and II)

That lasted a while, and at abotu 30 minutes from Midland a station started coming in on the one I was using, so, instead of changing the transmitted frequency, I just switched to 101.7 They had some pretty good music tonight, and I actually was glad that they started throwing in more Christian rap (and the good stuff at that).

Only really interesting thing that happened on the trip was after dinner, when my car completely refused to start. Turns out the battery cable/lead came loose, and I had been going on alternator power for some time. Thank goodness it’s a new alternator and is still efficient. I guess the lead was just slightly touching though, just not enough to stay there.

Guild Wars: Factions was released today (Friday). All I have to say is “impressive” is an understatement. The new world of Cantha is ridiculously intricate, and there is so much to explore. It feels like ArenaNet said “Hey, remember how there were semi-set paths in Guild Wars: Prophecies? Well, remove the paths, give the players freedom to run wherever they wish.” There are two new classes in the game: Ritualist and Assassin. I have a Ritualist started, but it’s not that fun to me right now. Probably because she is still in the newbie area. Oh yeah, the female ritualists have disproportionate breasts, the likes of which are only seen in shady Texan strip joints. Therefore, I named my character “Look At My Chest.” Just saying what everyone is thinking.

Call my cell if you wanna do something Sunday, or if you want to go to the race tomorrow. It will be a lot of fun!


April 25, 2006

Got two pretty big secrets that I’m keeping. One I can’t tell to too many people. The other I can never tell to anyone. Both are starting to wear on me a bit, because telling them to people would really bring closure to some.

Also, I’m bored out of my skull. I really want to start moving in, which we’ll probably start on today, and finish up Wednesday. After that and my exam, I’ll just want to be home. Well, I already want that, but I’ll want it even more.

Oh, and someone (anyone) should update their blog. I need some reading material…

“Listen to the girl / As she takes on half the world.”

UPDATE: After reading an email from my prof stating that all exams must be turned in or everyone fails, I decided that the photocopy version I had might be considered an exam, so I went to the EERC and handed it in. Grabbed my Estimation exam (the 16 question one I was worried about) and saw that I got a 93. I’m pleased with that.

Lost In Translation

April 24, 2006

In the past 15 minutes, I have switched from Undergrads soundtrack to the Lost in Translation soundtrack.

"Sometimes" by My Bloody Valentine
What can I say, it's all fuzzed guitar. It is amazing. Wraps my ears in the sound, and I really want to watch the movie again.

"Girls" by Death in Vegas
Laid back, relaxing, and airy. Then enters the fuzz. Seems to be a recurring theme. Either way, it's another song to encompass your ears in sound.

"Just Like Honey" by The Jesus and Mary Chain
Another good one. Lyrics are wierd, and they kinda make sense if you see the movie. Again, fuzzed out guitar, heavy reverb on the drums. Just some good stuff here.

To the Two!

April 24, 2006

Look, it is Bakke and Lackey! Their names rhyme! If you ask one of them if they want ice cream, they both say yes.

Bakke keeps me alive sometimes. Probably would've killed myself on a monitor I was taking apart had it not been for Bakke pointing out the insanely obvious sticker noting the 13,000 volts. And he would probably have messed up somthing really simple if I didn't point out something obvious to him as well. It's a pretty good system that keeps both of us alive and efficient.

I've been kinda talking out of place about him and Felicia publically. I wish them both well in whatever is going on there.

Underclassman no more

April 24, 2006

I’m a Junior. Whatever power and pride that should bring, I have not felt the effects. Nor do I believe I ever will.So, I’m in one of those indie music hipster lover moods. The kind where you just pop in some Undergrads and watch your past year go by. So I worked on my Undergrads soundtrack. Some of you (meaning Bakke) will be pleased to know that Ruckus added several missing artists from the soundtrack to their database. Yeah, we’re on the scene, we’ve got the lights down watching the screen…

Lots of stuff going on to make me feel kinda odd. Like the weather. It’s nice and all, but it also means I get allergies and that’s no good. I’m also kinda missing Jill. It’s been a while since I saw her, and that really needs to change. There are a ton of reminders that scream of her all over the place, and tons of stuff to make me fell pretty heartsick. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be able to date while in college, but then I realize that a lot of the girls up here are fickle, and I’m pretty happy with what I got.

I’ve also been kinda questioning my entire relationship with Jill, which may come as a shock to all of you. It’s not one of those “should I leave her?” questionings, but kinda thinking over why I love her, and what I like and what I don’t like about her. Also, we’ve been together for five and a half years, and some things have kinda evolved. I just wish that somethings didn’t change. There were a lot of fun times, but this current situation that we are in really limits it. I guess I’m stuck at one conclusion…

I really wish I could just restart the relationship in a sense. Like how things typically go when you first fall in love. You try everything to get her to like you. You don’t rely on the fact that you’ve got years backing up your love, you have to work for it. And she does too. So there’s flirting and stuff on both sides.

I’m watching the entire Bakke/Felicia thing from my vantage point, and it’s prodding me to think about this. No, they aren’t going out (in their eyes at least, but to everyone else around them they are). I honestly don’t know what’s going on. In any case, the point is that seeing the dating process from the beginning on makes a long term couple look at how to redo some stuff.

So one of the big things that is also on my mind is that Jill’s brother, Mike, got engaged this week. Major kudos to him. I really don’t know Amy, but I suppose she’s pretty cool. It kinda makes me feel like riverdancin’

To do:
Study Environmental Geo
Clean the place up and pack stuff in to boxes


April 23, 2006

Well, since Bakke and Felicia are doing their “Let’s flirt and giggle and cuddle and talk all night thing, but remain separate and keep Bakke in the friendzone” I might as well figure some stuff out… Could be worse…

First off, I’m gonna be back in Midland soonish. Next Friday or Saturday. Following my M-Town stay by whisking away my lovely to Naperville, via automobile. This may not be the best way to travel, since it’s gonna be me driving the entire way.

I still havent heard back from ANY potential jobs. Kinda worried about that. I really want to be in the Tri-Cities this summer. At the same time, I love my family, and it is technically “home.”

I am done, for all intents and purposes. I have one exam, which I need to get higher than a 60 to pass the class with. I think I’ll take that Wednesday, since it will be at 3pm instead of 10am if I took it on Monday.

Well, picked up a bunch of stuff today. http://www.flickr.com/photos/danakin/sets/72057594114445234/
There’s all of it. Was going to make a monitor fishtank, where you gut the monitor and then turn it into a fishtank. But, Bakke pointed out the obvious that I nearly missed: thirteen THOUSAND volts will kill you. That and the neon/mercury gas contained in the CRT can kill you pretty quick too, so I’ve heard. We probably could have done it, if we tried, but better to not try and live, than to try, die, and not have a fishtank in the end anyway. In lieu of a monitor tank, I’ve decided to create my own out of some material to be determined.

I really like aquarium keeping. Many aquarium enthusiasts note that you aren’t really keeping fish, you’re keeping the plants and water; the fish just happen to be there too. It’s one of those things I like. The ecology of it all, you know? I’m not too much of an environmentalist in most regards, but I love aquatic life. I know a decent amount about it, but I’m a bit rusty on the entire water chem part (give me a day to reread some stuff and I’ll be fine). I’m hoping that when I get back to Naperville my local plat filled aquarium is bristling with bacteria and plants. I’m going to do some work with it, and see if I can’t start a full hatchery using plant filtration. I want to know one main thing: how effective is anachris in filtering out harmful pollutants? This means a bit of an experiment involving oil, alcohol, and lots of tubes. Giddy giddy me. I love this stuff.

Ah Mitch Hedberg, always a good listen.
You can tell we’re at a tech school when half the people at a junkyard gawk and converse about old computer parts and the like, and it all makes sense to all of us. Yeah.

Sorry I’ve got nothing deep to post. All that stuff is extremely personal right now, and you’d have to ply me with good conversation or bad liquor to get some of the stuff out. Sorry.


April 19, 2006

Originally uploaded by danakin.

Yup. My take on Digg as of late…

Midas Touch

April 19, 2006

Using Flock. Still. They just did a whole bunch of good stuff to it, and the next release is the one I would like you all to try out. It’s coming next month.

There is a new blog editor engine that was dropped in today. The switch brings a faster editor load, and general goodness. If you are reading this, and there are Technorati tags at the bottom, Flock wins!

technorati tags: , , ,

I’ve been awake since 7am. Taken three showers in that time. 

Went to the Quincy Mine. Amazing. Simply amazing that this area is so responsible for so many things.

Whats I gotta do…
Finish Asphalt Exam
Study for Environmental Geo
Finish Revisions portfolio
Continue cleaning/packing
Upload photos of the mine tour
Post the full details of the day (cause it was pretty sweet)

Goodnight. Off to unscramble my poor brain.


April 16, 2006