Not Quite Gone…Yet…Err…What?

April 1, 2006

OK, I have about 3 minutes before I crash and sleep into the afternoon. Here’s the lowdown…

I indeed WILL BE returning to Michigan Tech next year, despite the efforts of Mr. Jim Loman. It’s all about who you know, and I know the professors.

Solo’s girlfriend is up here this weekend. Always funny to watch a girl who looks like she’s 12 try to buy 60 some dollars worth of alcohol.

I may or may not have figured out that this weekend needs to be devoted to working. The not side seems to be sinking in more and more.

I don’t believe I actually have any finals, per se. I will have final projects and the like, but no exams.
Estimating: Group Projects till semester’s end
Cement/Agg: An exam the week before, not really a final
Env Geo: A final exam, but maybe not during finals week
Revisions: Final portfolio, nothing big

Oh yeah, and finished the entire Full Metal Alchemist series, which my next crazy sleep-inebriated musings will be centered on. Oh man, it’s so good!


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