Good stuff

April 3, 2006

Ok, you’ve got to hear them….really. They will make you happy!

The Decemberists

Explosions In The Sky

Got these off of Ruckus. Makes me so happy. EITS is an awesome instrumental light rock group, kinda like if Ozma went sans vocals on RnRpt3 or the Double Donkey Disc, but with less Star. It is very guitar and drum driven, and perfect for listening to whenever you need to chill out. It’s what I would have wanted to do with TFNM but never would have happened. The Decemberists are, well, they’re good. That’s all I can say.

Also, check out this sweet “music video” for EITS.

Once again, gotta plug the fact the The Few No More finally has “Final Cuts” out there. Yeah, they’re a lot rougher than I would have wanted, but they are pretty good nonetheless. You can find the downloads HERE.

Still have quite a few stickers left. I may be giving them away soon, or I may not. Who knows? If you want one, send me an email at with your address and stuff. I may be unlazy enough to get one in the mail in the next month or two.