April 5, 2006

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Is She Really Going Out With Him?– Elvis Costello

My Life Story– MXPX

Hands and Feet– Audio Adrenaline

Meant to Live– Switchfoot

Now She’s 24– Fono

Your Song– Elton John

The Tide- Newsboys

All Ceatures of Our God and King– David Crowder

All The Way– Delirious

Nothin’– Chris Rice

Deep Enough to Dream- Chris Rice

A lot of my last two days has centered around a friend I haven’t seen in many years. It’s caused me to think a lot about what my priorities should be, and how I can help others. She really is pretty cool, and has definitely gone through (and is going through) more than I would care to. I just hope what I’m doing is the right thing…