Hands and Feet

April 6, 2006


Missionary apprentices serve three to four-year terms, which allow them to learn a language, adapt to the culture and gain valuable field experience alongside veteran personnel.

Applicants should be:

• Called and gifted by God, with a high sense of God’s leading to use their gifts in missionary service in cross-cultural situations

• Age: 21-60 years old at the time of appointment.

• Single or married, never divorced (both spouses must qualify)

• Citizens or permanent U.S. residents

• Active members of a Southern Baptist Church, and a minimum of three years as Southern Baptists

• Trained and involved in personal evangelism, discipleship and witnessing. Read more about Evangelism Training

• Educated and experienced to meet requirements for specific assignment. Written job descriptions indicate educational requirements for each specific assignment. Apprentices who are appointed without meeting the career or associate requirements must complete them by the end of their first state-side assignment. Apprentice service itself is a means of gaining the field experience needed for career and associate service. Prior church related and secular experience will be evaluated as a part of the apprentice application process. Read more about Seminary Requirements

• Model a Godly and healthy family life. Dependent children should be 12 years of age or younger at the time of appointment.

• Good emotional, physical and mental health


I have a bit to go. I need to work on some stuff before I can apply, and I need to be stronger in so many ways.
But I have Jill and Andrew and some other amazing friends to help me, so it can’t be that bad.


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