OK, here’s what started it all…

Then, today, some guy posted a comment that really really really pissed me off:

Ashley Pomeroy says:

I disagree with your approach. You clearly have a sought-after and popular natural resource (your wife Jill). You are very fortunate to have something that other people want, and cannot take from you; that gives you power over other people, and that is the most important thing of all. You should exploit this. People will probably be prepared to pay money to see your wife wearing revealing clothes or no clothes at all. She will be your ticket out of poverty.

To which I responded…..

Yeah, you are a dick, plain and simple. For one thing, I’m not poor. Secondly, how does whoring out my girlfriend (visually) help me at all? You know something, I havent seen her naked. Not even topless. Yeah, she has a nice body and all, but the only person to see that in all its glory should be her husband. Otherwise, how is it something special for her and her husband? It becomes cheapened for both of them.

You wanna know something, I’m glad I’m not like you. I love my girlfriend wholeheartedly, and I will marry her. And when I am with her, I will laugh at all of you out there who have cheapened their relationships by exploiting them online.

So go ahead and post your lover online, but rest assured that I won’t sink to your level.

See below

April 9, 2006

I did actually download, install and run Rockbox on my iPod (the software that allows you to play Doom and Halflife on the iPod, as shown in the video below). It is indeed very neat. However, I do really enjoy listening to my music in an organized fashion, and being able to watch videos as well. Rockbox does not allow me to do that. However, it adds a ton of games, directory creation support, many very cool themes and “While Playing Screens” and also a text editor. The last feature was a bit shoddy to me. Still, the development is not quite finished with something they can put out to the vast majority. The install requires you to run a command prompt in Windows and run a series of commands. Not hard for me at all, but terribly daunting to someone like Jill. People who havent really gotten in to this type of hacking would be scared to death that they would screw up their iPod; and then they’d screw up their iPod.

So is Rockbox still on my iPod? Yes and no. I have the files still on, but the bootloader is gone. All it takes though is a quick command and it’s right back on and working. I look foward to seeing a more powerful, fully featured version, but I fear it may take iPod Linux to accomplish what I want. Not that that’s a bad thing, it just may take six months or so to do.

Oooh! I wanna do!

April 9, 2006