Tonight tonight

April 10, 2006

I feel kinda like writing down some stuff, so might as well get the thoughts out here.
To begin with, Ryan Reynolds is pretty freakin funny. Watched Van Wilder at the apartment where Bakke and I will live next year (hoorah Keypad), and made me realize several things. First off, I’m glad my relationship is something deep. The relationships in culture today are so shallow and self focused, and Van Wilder exagerates this to show it.

Secondly, I need a job. I’m willing to take most any position at any place, as long as the pay is decent and the coworkers are cool. Jill has been a wonderful help encouraging me to keep trying. But today tops the cake. When she called to say that her dad refered me to the CEO of Heineman Contractors for a summer job, I was extremely happy. Hopefully I can get a response from him soon on a position, and maybe get set up before I leave Houghton.

Another missions opportunity, but probably won’t be able to go. David and Ann Wilson are involved with a cool program in China, and have asked for help several times. I don’t even come close to speaking a word of Chinese, but the thought of going to China is very exciting. However, the stays are long and expensive, and I will probably not be able to go. So my basic options for missions this summer are as follows:

Work at the Josiah y Bethany Children’s Home in Reynosa, Mexico
Go to Brazil with Naperville Baptist
Go to China with the group that the Wilsons work with
Work on deconstruction and cleanup in New Orleans

The opportunities are there, and right now I feel disgusted with myself at thinking of rejecting them all to work for money over the summer, but that might just be the case. Jill is going to Honduras in July, I believe, and I know she is very excited about that.

Samantha and her husband Matt came up today to visit. That was nice. Had BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with them and all the others in the hall. Then kinda hung out, and talked a little and ended up taking a walk down by the portage. Ended up at the apartment. Came back. It was kind of awkward in several senses. First, she used to be Bakke’s girlfriend, and now she’s not, plus she is married. That wasn’t too hard to deal with for me. The bigger thing was that it was simply a lazy Sunday, and there wasn’t much going on. I felt like a bad host (and probably was). The room is a wreck, and kinda cramped. Add other people coming in and talking about stuff that our guests were out of the loop, and it made it kinda wierd. Sadly (for me, not them) Samantha and Matt are moving to Grand Rapids in the summer, so we won’t get to see them much. I wish I had known that they were around, and started talking to Sam earlier. I enjoy their company and wish we could have started something like dinners every other Sunday. Catching up is hard to do in a dorm setting I guess.

Bakke’s sleeping, I think. Sniffling every 5 seconds too. Allergy season is indeed upon us. For him it’s probably something he caught (possibly from me), I don’t know.

Took my ACI certification lab test on Saturday. Very stressful for several reasons. First, I was under about 5 watchful eyes as I performed routine tests, which made them much more difficult than they really were. Secondly, I was recovering from whatever bug I had this past week, and it made me pretty weak. Concrete, if you didn’t know, is pretty heavy, with an average unit weight of 145pcf (comparatively, water is 62.4pcf). Add in the steel/brass apparatus, and you’ve got a pretty heavy load to move. I’m not terribly strong to begin with, but I can typically carry the 100 pound bucket to the scales. Saturday it took some help to get it there. For the unit weight test, the bucket is filled to the brim, then leveled off very carefully and precisely. That just makes carrying it even more difficult. Add in the nervous wreck I was, and how it made me all shakey, and you’ve got quite a situation.

Still, I think I passed. I’m only nervous about one portion now.

Been seeing a lot of Felicia lately… This may be a hint to someone who reads this… ’cause I’m not gonna say anything directly to you about it… ’cause you probably already know…

Oh yeah, look at my photos. Got quite a few of them up.


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