April 23, 2006

Well, since Bakke and Felicia are doing their “Let’s flirt and giggle and cuddle and talk all night thing, but remain separate and keep Bakke in the friendzone” I might as well figure some stuff out… Could be worse…

First off, I’m gonna be back in Midland soonish. Next Friday or Saturday. Following my M-Town stay by whisking away my lovely to Naperville, via automobile. This may not be the best way to travel, since it’s gonna be me driving the entire way.

I still havent heard back from ANY potential jobs. Kinda worried about that. I really want to be in the Tri-Cities this summer. At the same time, I love my family, and it is technically “home.”

I am done, for all intents and purposes. I have one exam, which I need to get higher than a 60 to pass the class with. I think I’ll take that Wednesday, since it will be at 3pm instead of 10am if I took it on Monday.

Well, picked up a bunch of stuff today.
There’s all of it. Was going to make a monitor fishtank, where you gut the monitor and then turn it into a fishtank. But, Bakke pointed out the obvious that I nearly missed: thirteen THOUSAND volts will kill you. That and the neon/mercury gas contained in the CRT can kill you pretty quick too, so I’ve heard. We probably could have done it, if we tried, but better to not try and live, than to try, die, and not have a fishtank in the end anyway. In lieu of a monitor tank, I’ve decided to create my own out of some material to be determined.

I really like aquarium keeping. Many aquarium enthusiasts note that you aren’t really keeping fish, you’re keeping the plants and water; the fish just happen to be there too. It’s one of those things I like. The ecology of it all, you know? I’m not too much of an environmentalist in most regards, but I love aquatic life. I know a decent amount about it, but I’m a bit rusty on the entire water chem part (give me a day to reread some stuff and I’ll be fine). I’m hoping that when I get back to Naperville my local plat filled aquarium is bristling with bacteria and plants. I’m going to do some work with it, and see if I can’t start a full hatchery using plant filtration. I want to know one main thing: how effective is anachris in filtering out harmful pollutants? This means a bit of an experiment involving oil, alcohol, and lots of tubes. Giddy giddy me. I love this stuff.

Ah Mitch Hedberg, always a good listen.
You can tell we’re at a tech school when half the people at a junkyard gawk and converse about old computer parts and the like, and it all makes sense to all of us. Yeah.

Sorry I’ve got nothing deep to post. All that stuff is extremely personal right now, and you’d have to ply me with good conversation or bad liquor to get some of the stuff out. Sorry.