April 25, 2006

Got two pretty big secrets that I’m keeping. One I can’t tell to too many people. The other I can never tell to anyone. Both are starting to wear on me a bit, because telling them to people would really bring closure to some.

Also, I’m bored out of my skull. I really want to start moving in, which we’ll probably start on today, and finish up Wednesday. After that and my exam, I’ll just want to be home. Well, I already want that, but I’ll want it even more.

Oh, and someone (anyone) should update their blog. I need some reading material…

“Listen to the girl / As she takes on half the world.”

UPDATE: After reading an email from my prof stating that all exams must be turned in or everyone fails, I decided that the photocopy version I had might be considered an exam, so I went to the EERC and handed it in. Grabbed my Estimation exam (the 16 question one I was worried about) and saw that I got a 93. I’m pleased with that.