April 28, 2006

I think I may have Bakke take the TFNM stuff down off of Myspace. Why? This is why. Not cool.

So I got back in to town at 10:30 and suprised Jill with roses and a card. It means so much to me to be within 15 minutes of her again. Had a good time tonight. Jill played nurse and took my blood pressure and heart rate and all that jazz, ’cause she can.

Tomorrow, going out to Solo’s to hang out, work on the car, and then go out to Auto City and watch the supers race.

Sunday I’ll be at Sunrise, and then go out to Pi’s for lunch afterwards. Then it’s just hanging out with people and relaxing.

Monday, Jill and I will be heading to Naperville. Should be a fun ride. Hopefully my car can make it there, and the battery won’t randomly disconnect on the Stevenson. That would really suck…

Friday, Jill will be going back to Midland, and I’ll be separated once more, for who knows how long.

Trip down was alright. Once I figured out how to make my FM transmitter for my iPod work (as in, don’t have the volume jacked all the way up on the iPod, and remember, unlike all the other cars you ride in, the antenna on this one is on the back left, not front right) I had tunes going and calming me down. Driving alone is not my thing. Trip playlist:

Undergrads Soundtrack
David Crowder Band (from Can You Hear Us? and A Collision)
Ozma (RnR pt3, Spending Time)
Third Day (Offerings I and II)

That lasted a while, and at abotu 30 minutes from Midland a station started coming in on the one I was using, so, instead of changing the transmitted frequency, I just switched to 101.7 They had some pretty good music tonight, and I actually was glad that they started throwing in more Christian rap (and the good stuff at that).

Only really interesting thing that happened on the trip was after dinner, when my car completely refused to start. Turns out the battery cable/lead came loose, and I had been going on alternator power for some time. Thank goodness it’s a new alternator and is still efficient. I guess the lead was just slightly touching though, just not enough to stay there.

Guild Wars: Factions was released today (Friday). All I have to say is “impressive” is an understatement. The new world of Cantha is ridiculously intricate, and there is so much to explore. It feels like ArenaNet said “Hey, remember how there were semi-set paths in Guild Wars: Prophecies? Well, remove the paths, give the players freedom to run wherever they wish.” There are two new classes in the game: Ritualist and Assassin. I have a Ritualist started, but it’s not that fun to me right now. Probably because she is still in the newbie area. Oh yeah, the female ritualists have disproportionate breasts, the likes of which are only seen in shady Texan strip joints. Therefore, I named my character “Look At My Chest.” Just saying what everyone is thinking.

Call my cell if you wanna do something Sunday, or if you want to go to the race tomorrow. It will be a lot of fun!