May 3, 2006

Quick rundown of what you guys haven’t been doing with me.

Cancelling a lost debit card
Watching Scrubs and Adult Swim
Eating at Mongolian Barbeque
Walking around all of Chicago
Hanging out at the Shedd Aquarium
Consuming homemade pizza
Walking 10+ miles in the windy city
Talking to some dudes who needed money (more later)
Chilling in a heart shaped jacuzzi

All in all, it’s been a pretty fun time so far. Jill and I went to the city today, and went through all the stops (Sears Tower, Art Institute, Pritzker Pavillion, Fountains [Buckingham Fountain and the cool glass face fountains whose name escapes me], and the Shedd Aquarium). Gave some money to two guys from the Boys and Girls Club. Probably got took there, but it’s fine. It was only five bucks. However, I wish I had that five bucks for the other guy we met. Name was Johnny B. Goode. Selling papers for the homeless shelters, and he was probably legit. I didn’t have any money smaller than a 20, so I refused and told him I’d pray for him. He was a little disappointed, but I saw that when I said I’d pray for him he cheered up a little. I don’t think he gets that alot.

And the big news of the day is that I’ll be in Midland on Friday. Got a call from Heineman today while having lunch in Millenium Park, and they would like to interview me. So, Jill and I will be making the half-lovely trip starting early in the morning Friday. I’ll be there in time to see Solo race at Dixie, so I’m pretty happy about that. I was kind of upset I wouldn’t get to see him race at all. But, he’s got that number 97 car all shined up and ready to go. Said the car was a bit slow in practice today, and there were some things that broke, but said that once he gets the new Hoosiers on there and replace all the broken parts, he should be in contention.

Bottom line, I’ll be in Midland for a week. Hopefully this next week will lead to a job that gets me a reason to stay in Midland for the summer!


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