May 7, 2006

Got 52 bucks in my pocket. Has to last me until Saturday and it has to get me home to Naperville, and I have to eat and stuff still. May be leeching off others this week.

Been with Solo this weekend. Went to the race on Saturday with him, and he did alright. Placed 4th out of 6 in his heat, and 7th out of 14 in the feature. The winner in the Factory Stock feature had an illegal compression ratio which got him DQed and bumped Solo from 8th to 7th. Solo was running on a broken engine (pushrod got bent, another one got broken, and the studs that hold the rocker arms were cut [really odd]) and a bad hop in the rear end (a result of dirt and rust and stuff building up in the back right brake drum). As a result, yesterday we pulled the rear end off, and pulled the engine and transmission. Fun stuff.

Still waiting on a call for my Heineman interview…