Gwar! Planetmonsters!

May 12, 2006

Seriously, I think Gwar could probably take over a small planet. And then populate it with their crazy acid induced nightmare creatures. Who will protect us from Gwar?!

Don't worry folks, all of that was imagination and exaggeration. Isn't it fun when we use our minds?

So, I'm leaving Midland tomorrow. It will be a bittersweet departure, since I will be leaving my friends behind, and I will be leaving Jill here as well. But, I'm going back home to my family. Which means many things. One benefit is that I don't have to pay for everything on my own. I think my parents are willing to buy the parts I need for my car (brake pads, fluids, jackstands and a jack, and a tire iron) as long as it keeps me going to and from with its amazing 40mpg wonderpowers. In town though, I pay the price, as it drops from 40 down to 25.

Had a bit of excitement earlier. The 2nd floor toilet at the Bakke's overflowed, and I couldn't get the water to shut off. For some wierd reason, the water just kept coming up through the freaking toilet. The chain attached to the seal inside had broken, but that doesn't explain why the water was allowed in the toilet for so long. In any case, took a half hour to clean up the water, which flowed all the way in to the basement somehow. With that small amount of water, there shouldn't bee any water damage, but the fact that it got all the way in to the basement is very suprising. Bakke blames it on the new flooring, but there should be a form of sealing in the bathroom to prevent leaks. I hope nothing is too bad off.

Aside from that, today was a relatively good day. Only other downside was that the race at Dixie was cancelled. Jill and I were looking foward to that, as was Bakke. So instead of going to the race, Jill and I went to Saginaw to eat at Red Lobster (link added so you can see the ridiculous content they have, but the recipes are nice). We got "randomly" selected to participate in a survey which would give us four bucks off the next meal, but I have a feeling that pretty much everybody gets "randomly selected." Then Jill and I went across the street to the mall to do some Mothers Day shopping. We looked around for some gifts, and I finally found the perfect things for my mom (not gonna say yet). Jill and I also stopped in Sears to look, but just ended up all smelly after trying all the colognes and perfumes (yes, I even got some of the Daytona 500 on me, and Jill…). All in all I had a wonderful evening with Jill, which only makes it harder to leave. 


May 12, 2006

Race at Dixie got cancelled due to weather. So, now I’m wondering what to do tonight. Probably go to Saginaw with Jill and hang out with Solo and Holly. Eat at Red Lobster. Aww yeah. So I’ve gotta get in contact with people.

Also, WordPress just did maitenence, which means I can’t really put in any links. HTML editor and the regular editor toolbar have been disabled.

Also, I need a new phone. Dropped mine, and now it doesn’t work right. New phone=new job. Don’t have the money right now to get a new one, but luckily I can just get a new Tracfone and slip the SIM card in and be up and running (I think). Gotta do the research on that.


May 12, 2006

Offer is still up for anyone who would like to go to the race tomorrow. We'll be leaving around 5-6pm. Tickets are 12 bucks, and we always go out to eat afterwards. It's a fun time!

Michigan Short Track Racing Club

You Reek Of Smoke!

May 12, 2006

I love being able to buy Jill dinner again. My debit card finally came in, so I was able to buy some tasty food at Pi's. Unfortunately, Jill had to go home to study. She's doing a CNA certification program (Certified Nursing Assistant), and has tests every day on the previous day's material. Granted the course is only two weeks, but with the certification, she can easily get a job at any nursing home (I believe). I am really proud of her for doing this.

After we got done with dinner, we gave McConnell a call to see what he was up to. Met him and Ryan at Lil Chef, and had a pretty good conversation. At least it made the eavesdroppers laugh. Went to McC's afterwards, played a game of poker (which McC's lady, Tori, came very close to winning), and then came back. I've been keeping up with the news on the console wars, and really, it sounds like Microsoft and Sony lose. Nintendo definitely had the most success on the E3 floor this year. While Microsoft and Sony were viewed as the bickering adults, nitpicking and yelling at each other about stupid stuff, Nintendo came to the gamers at our level. We want to play fun games, and we honestly don't care about graphics. Go to any college dormitory hall, and you will see dozens of different retro-gaming systems per floor. I guarantee you that they are played almost as much as the current gen systems. Why? Because the games were fun, not neccesarily graphically superb. In the end, the games simply have to have that hook, it has to amuse and entertain the player. Graphics are just icing on the cake. And no one (except for some oddballs out there) want a cake made entirely out of icing.

So one thing that really hooked me on the Nintendo Wii was Super Smash Brothers: Brawl. Honestly, look at the trailer. It looks like so much fun. And at 150-200 bucks for the system, it's actually affordable. Plus, we get to see new characters, like Zero Suit Samus. That's right, Samus without her classic red suit on. It's all blue and sexy now.

For more previews, I have to send you here. Pretty full list.

So screw you Microsoft and Sony (doubly to Sony). I can buy two Nintendo systems for the price of one Xbox 360, or three for the price of one Playstation 3. Wonder what I'm going to be doing this November….

Nintendo Fanboy