May 13, 2006

Just checking to see that I cab post from Flcok on to my nice new blog. And that the categories and tags work.

Speaking of Flock, their first true release for the public is coming up. The release name is Cardnial, and it looks very good. The photo topbar is amazing, and the feed aggregator has gotten much better. The blog editor is nice and simple for newcomers, and has enough options for those that need them. So check it out at Flock.com or read about the new changes and developments on their blog.

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May 13, 2006

Got an email saying I had posted to the Hall Detox blog, about all this discount software. Really, it wasnt me. Deleted the entire blog (sorry to anyone who cares, butit was six feet under already). So, I'm spending the day tracking down all of my passwords and changing them. Also, spyware scans galore. I think I know where the keylogger was. Last I logged in to Blogger was to set up this blog, and that was at the Bakke's house on their shared computer. A while later, the spyware scanner got rid of some malware, including a keylogger. That keylogger had the info for all of my logins.

BTW, spamming site, so you can report/DOS/raise hell, etc:  http://stepanoem.com/
Gonna say, that computer is kinda one of the worst kept computers I've seen, but I'm around security-savvy people all the time. Sadly, that is probably the norm for America, and why Windows is viewed as unsafe: people using weak or no antivirus programs, and using IE.

Off to changing all my other passwords…


May 13, 2006

Ya Rly!

I'm sorry, but I have to post this for you geeks I know and love:

The O RLY Virus is loose!

The O Rly? owl is one of the best known icons on the internet. Now it's being printed all over the place.

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