I've been looking at the leaked Windows Media Player 11, and it looks good. Completely redone a la iTunes. Except darker, and cooler looking. It has gone through quite a bit of an overhaul visually, but the player essentially remains the same. The first thing you notice when opening WMP11 is the clustered visual style. It's quite nice, really, but if you have a large media collection like mine (over 10k songs) then it can be a bit frustrating. Still, it's a lot better than 10 where there was no visual categorization. Luckily, the search has gotten much better, with letter by letter results (think they would've done this by now). So if you type "A" it filters down to all media with an "a" in it, and then if you hit "B" it filters to all media with "ab" in it, etc.

Apple famboys are going to claim copycat for the visual style, but the differences between the two are pretty clear. iTunes is made for audio, no doubt about it. It is not a good video player. WMP11 can handle both with ease.

The one downside to WMP11 is that as of now, and apparently at release, there is no RSS support built in (though I stumbled upon a plug-in that gave that functionality).

Overall, WMP11 is a HUGE upgrade from 10. There is a leaked copy on the internet, and I'm sure if you looked hard enough you might find it. I think there is a torrent with something like 4000 seeders right now. That's probably gonna get shut down soon. Or not. Microsoft isn't really too concerned with this leak as I hear it. Probably a pretty good publicity thing. 

Oh, and Skype just announced that SkypeOut is now free until the end of the year. So everyone should go download Skype. It's a pretty sweet VOIP program.

On the subject of Guild Wars, I am down to three elite skills I need to capture before I have all the Warrior skills unlocked for one guy. I'm on the final mission in Prophecies (Hell's Precipice) and that is where I can cap one of the skills (Eviscerate). The other two (Earthshaker and Flourish) are going to be a little harder to get, as they are in places with tons of difficult enemies.