May 18, 2006

All I have left in my account is $153.86. Not a horrible amount, and I could live on that for a few months, if I wanted just to eat and drive. But, I have things that need to be done. Part One of Thing A starts soon, etc etc. Tomorrow, I have to apply for some jobs here in Naperville. I hope I get offereed the job in Midland before I take a job here in Naperville. Part of me actually doesn’t want to take the job with Heineman, should I be offered one. It is a lot of responsibility, and it would be some pretty hard work. Still, that is exactly the thing I am looking for, but it is still scary.

Also tomorrow, that 153.86 in the bank is going down by about 27 bucks. Pepboys has a sale right now, where you can get 2 jackstands, a good jack, and a one of those things you lay on under the car and it has wheels and stuff (descriptive, no?) all for just 25 bucks or so. Going to get that. Would be very useful at school.

Flickr is finally out of beta. After a year and a half or so of the “perpetual web two dot oh beta” the ever growing photosharing service has been moved in to Gamma. That’s right, still not finished product. I can understand this. It’s always getting better and changing, so why settle on a finalized product? That would imply stagnacity, which may or may not be a word I just made up.

Flock’s Cardinal release is approaching very soon. Are you excited?! Because I am. Even though I’m using the latest version. As soon as it drops, I will be coming to each and every one of your houses with it on my flash drive and installing it and showing you the glories. Or, I’ll just tell you all to give it a try. Trust me, it makes life online pretty easy.

Flock Hourly Builds (kinda stable, but might be buggy, just a forewarning)
Flock Current Stable Release (really old, 0.5.15, also, this is the Windows version I’m linking)

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