Wake up call

May 18, 2006

Been having this really wierd fear eat at me lately (meaning just today). It's pretty much a wakeup call to me to try and fix some stuff. And while this fear has a 0.0001% chance of becoming a reality, it's still pretty prevalent in my mind.

That said, let's change subject. Once again to Flock. The good team in Cali has rolled out a new set of buttons. Compare them for yourself:


Personally, I like the old buttons more. At least, the old nav buttons and home button. The photo and news button I like more on the new version.

Cut the grass today, but not before working on the lawnmower for a good time. The air filter was more like a brick of oil, dirt and grass, and that took a while to clean. The spark plug was also in bad shape. Finally got it all working, started the mower, and went to work. The grass wasa  good 5 inches high. Not sure why my parents waited for me to return to cut it. It was really bad.

Grr, fear still dangling around in my mind. Give me a few weeks and it'll be gone.  


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